"Self-improvement child" Huang Yifeng practiced hard on throwing the javelin, moving towards the goal of breaking into the top eight of the National Games.

(Provided by Taoyuan Family Support Center)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Report from Taoyuan] Children's Day is approaching, and the Family Support Foundation recently commended 23 "self-improving children" selected from across the country to face challenges with tenacity.

Among them, Huang Yifeng, who was recommended by the Taoyuan Family Support Center to study in the second grade of Yongfeng High School, not only maintained the first place in his class in his class, but also insisted on fighting in the stadium. He tried javelin throwing because of the coach's recommendation in junior high school. A yellow and white javelin Breaking through the sky, the throwing process made him feel happy and ignited his interest. He chose a physical education class in high school, and the subject will move towards the goal of the top eight in the National Middle School Games.

The first javelin in the subject class won the sixth place

In fact, Huang Yifeng's performance in the early stage of javelin throwing practice was not satisfactory, but he went to school early every day to warm up, and started the day's training after he was ready. The field of the high school cannot actually throw the javelin, so he uses softballs or other substitutes for training. The javelin training at the municipal stadium on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday is very precious. He focuses on every "throw". The New Taipei City Cup National Athletics Open once threw 58.

○ Six meters, won the sixth place.

Athletes are most afraid of injuries and hitting the wall. Huang Yifeng accidentally injured his arm in September last year. He had to go to the hospital for rehabilitation every day. Facing his training performance plummeting, he persisted all the way and felt tired. Fortunately, the coach re-examined the training method , giving encouragement, and finally he adjusted his mentality, cooperated with the training step by step, broke through the stagnation, and his training results gradually improved.

Save life, save things and reduce costs

Zhang Fushan, director of the Taoyuan Family Support Center, said that due to the divorce of Huang Yifeng's parents, Huang Yifeng and his sister were raised by a mother who worked as a babysitter since childhood. Considering the family's economic situation, he also knew that it was not easy for his mother to make money. He wears his shoes on a daily basis and is unwilling to replace them until the soles are broken. Although participating in track and field training does not allow him to work and study to share the family budget, the virtues of thrift and prudence allow him to reduce a lot of unnecessary expenses. His family is also grateful for the bursary provided by the Family Support Center so that he can continue his career. The dream of a javelin thrower is moving forward.