The Australian company Vow Food, which specializes in growing "meat from a test tube", presented its new product - meatballs made from the woolly mammoth, which died out about 4,000 years ago.

CNN writes about it.

According to the company, the goal of the project is to draw attention to the potential of artificial meat.

Of course, it is a stretch to call it mammoth meat.

It's more like lab-made lamb mixed with a little mammoth DNA.

Mammoth muscle protein and elephant DNA were used to create meatballs.

They were placed in myoblast stem cells (young muscle cells) of sheep and grown to 20 billion cells.

However, scientists have not yet tried meatball, because it is not known how the human immune system will react to this meat.

"Usually we'd taste our products and play with them. But now we're hesitant to do a taste test right away because we're talking about a protein that hasn't been around for 5,000 years. I have no idea what potential allergenicity this particular protein might have " said James Ryall, Chief Scientific Officer of Vow.

Note that mammoths, which died out about 5,000 years ago, were found well preserved in the permafrost of Siberia, sometimes still having blood in their veins.


We will remind that Singapore became the first country in the world where artificial meat is allowed.

It was also reported that meat will be printed on 3D printers on an industrial scale in Israel.

And billionaire Bill Gates said that rich countries should completely switch to "100% artificial beef".  

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