The most powerful hurricane wind hit the resort cities of Georgia on March 28.

It is already known about the injured and the deceased.

Planes literally land sideways, roofs are blown off high-rise buildings, people can barely stay on their feet.

This is reported by the Mash channel.

In the resort town of Kobuleti near Batumi, a person died as a result of a tree falling on a car.

Photo by Formula

Batumi was covered by a hurricane for the first time in several years.

Wind gusts reach 35 m/sec. 

Photo by Batumelebi

Strong winds tear roofs off buildings, destroy fences, and break windows in institutions.

Photo: screenshot

Residents of Georgian cities report power outages and traffic jams.

Against this background, it is impossible to call a taxi in the city.

In the next few days, forecasters promise that the wind will decrease, but the weather will not change significantly.

Meanwhile, winter has returned to Ukraine with snowfall, ice and gale force winds.

The weather in Kyiv worsened sharply, where it rained during the day, and in the evening it snowed and the temperature dropped to zero.

Frost is forecast at night.

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