In Transcarpathia, three teenagers who raped a 14-year-old girl were transferred to another educational institution.

Until now, they studied in the same school, only the suspects were transferred to the "remote school".

This was reported by local journalist Vitaly Glagola.

"The perpetrators of the crime were transferred to another educational institution in the region in accordance with the relevant procedures. In the future, this will make it impossible for the victim and the rapists to attend school at the same time, regardless of the final decision of the court," the journalist said.

At her parents' request, the girl will continue to study at the same school at her place of residence.

The local authorities promise to provide her with the necessary support and, if necessary, to offer other educational institutions.

Training support will be provided by experts from the specialized departments of the Zakarpattia Oblast.

An employee of the department of education, youth, sports, culture, tourism, and health care of the Nizhnyovorit community resigned on her own volition (obviously, this is an employee of the community who gave positive characteristics to the boys).

It should be noted that the mother of the twin suspects also worked in the Nizhnyovoritsk community.

We will remind you that Ukrainians were outraged by the too lenient punishment for teenagers who raped a schoolgirl in Transcarpathia.

The incident happened back in August 2021, but the court announced the verdict only now.

The rapists were given only a conditional sentence, they were also forced to pay compensation to the girl.

After publicity on the Internet, the ombudsman took the case under personal control, and the prosecutor's office promised to appeal the court's verdict.

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