On the 28th, Chen Shizhong, Minister of Qian Weifu, attended the press conference of the Taiwan Special Needs Oral Medicine Association to promote dental health knowledge.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Jiaming)

[Reporter Wu Liangyi/Taipei Report] Chen Shih-chung, the former Minister of Health and Welfare, presided over the tooth cleaning activity of the Yucheng Social Welfare Foundation today (28th). When interviewed after the meeting, he was asked by the media that some people began to miss Chen Shih-chung because Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan ranked last in the polls Chen Shizhong said that this will give Jiang Wanan some time, as to whether he will come back and participate in the election?

He laughed and said, "Life is hard to say, but his mentality has not changed. Wherever society needs us, we will go there."

Chen Shizhong: Jiang Wanan should be given a little more time

A recent survey on the satisfaction of the mayors of the six cities showed that Jiang Wanan ranked last among the six cities; Chen Shizhong said that Jiang Wanan has no real administrative experience, which inevitably makes the public feel that he is slow, but everyone should give Jiang Wanan a little more time to let him To do a good job in municipal administration, "We still sincerely hope that Mayor Chiang will do a good job, which is the blessing of our citizens in Taipei City. I hope he can do things well."

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Chen Shizhong held a press conference for the first time after the election at the end of last year to promote teeth cleaning. After the press conference, he was asked whether he would come back again?

He laughed and said that he didn't really leave either. As for whether he will participate in the election again?

Chen Shih-chung also laughed and said, "We all hope to have the opportunity to serve."

In addition, the media also asked about DPP Chairman Lai Ching-te's "anti-gangster clause" that was considered to be aimed at the British family. Chen Shizhong said that this was an over-interpretation. Anyone accused of gangsters in the DPP is an adjective. Regarding the conduct of party members in politics, "Chairman Lai Qingde has made relevant regulations, and everyone must abide by them."