Officials from Taoyuan City Bureau of Agriculture and Animal Protection bowed to see off the East African baboons. Netizens commented, "Do you want to send them to the Martyrs' Shrine?" (Photographed by reporter Zheng Shuting)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] An East African baboon who had escaped for 18 days was shot dead by a hunter under the spotlight of the public. The responsibility is yet to be investigated by the police.

However, when the remains of the baboon were about to be sent to the Taipei Zoo for inspection this morning (28th), Chen Guanyi, director of the Taoyuan City Bureau of Agriculture, and Wang Deji, director of the animal protection department, led a team to bow and see him off. Netizens said it was too exaggerated. And said "Do you want to send it to the Martyrs' Shrine?"

From the scene this morning, it can be seen that the remains of the baboon were put into a plastic storage box, disinfected by personnel wearing protective clothing, and then covered with a curtain. Officials from the Agriculture Bureau and Animal Protection Department of the Taoyuan City Government lined up and bowed. "Extremely mournful and honorable."

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However, PTT netizens were quite dumbfounded when they saw it. They said that the battle of the Taoshi Agricultural Bureau made it look like the baboons died for the country.

The villagers also left messages after seeing it, saying "I'm really laughing at bowing" and "The acting is too much." Some netizens lamented that these officials don't know what's wrong and just come out to perform.