Last year, the Department of Consumer Protection received a total of 70,626 consumer complaints, of which "online games" ranked first with 4,215.

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[Reporter Chen Jiayi/Taipei Report] 70,000 consumer complaints have been broken in 3 consecutive years!

The Consumer Protection Department of the Executive Yuan released the latest statistics today (28th). Last year, a total of 70,626 consumer complaints were accepted, among which "online games" continued to top the list; Consumers rebounded, with an increase of 825 cases compared with the previous year, ranking second.

The remaining top five are clothing, leather goods and footwear, food, and fitness.

According to statistics from the Consumer Protection Department, a total of 70,626 consumer complaints were accepted last year, which has exceeded 70,000 for three consecutive years, but the overall decrease was 5.44% compared with last year.

Among them, "online games" ranked first again with 4,215 items. The common controversy is that the industry adjusts the winning probability of virtual treasures arbitrarily, causing consumers to question the opacity of the winning probability; However, the time limit and limit regulations have been cancelled.

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There were 3,323 complaints in the "transportation" category, an increase of 825 from the previous year. It was not in the top five for 110 years, and it jumped to second place last year.

The Department of Consumer Protection pointed out that on June 6 last year, foodpanda, a food delivery platform, announced without warning that it would increase the "platform service fee" in six regions, including Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County, which triggered consumption. There were more than 800 appeals within 10 days.

The Consumer Protection Department stated that foodpanda has amended the relevant terms of the contract in the future, and within 7 days from the day after the first subscription date or the automatic renewal date, if the consumer does not use any preferential services, the membership subscription fee will be refunded; if the order applies to the platform fee , will also be displayed on the checkout page to let consumers know the cost clearly.

In addition, there were 3,085 pieces of "apparel, leather goods, and footwear". The common disputes are that consumers want to return or exchange online shopping, and the seller asks to pay the shipping fee or refuses to refund; the "food" category has 2,534 pieces. The postponement, but the operation of the restaurant was also affected by the epidemic, which resulted in the wedding banquet being forced to arrange another restaurant temporarily, or consumers repeatedly postponed the wedding banquet due to the epidemic, and the restaurant operator confiscated the deposit.

There were 2,460 cases in the "fitness" category. The common disputes were that the epidemic reduced consumers' willingness to go to the gym, or that the coach left after purchasing a course and asked to cancel the contract and refund the fee.

The Department of Consumer Protection stated that the finalized fitness-related contract came into effect last year, and the content has been stated. Consumers are not responsible for matters, and the industry is not allowed to charge handling fees, liquidated damages or other fees.