The fair selling policies, selling dreams is covering the whole city.

It's not different from the toxic dust, PM 2.5, at the moment when each party beeps and fights against the policy of reducing, exchanging, giving away, and bluffing each other like no one gives up.

Sow a variety of fun projects.

until the villagers hardly remember

which policy belongs to which party exactly

Compete for the results, compete for the popularity trend, chaos selling snakehead fish

Until the market almost crashed!!!

But for sure, when looking at the situation, it started in the prelude to the campaign.

Before the opening date for the election of MPs set by the Election Commission (ECT) during April 3-7

It appears that the Pheu Thai Party with

"Aung Ing" Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra,

the head of the Pheu Thai family,

The youngest daughter of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, one of the potential Prime Minister candidates.

Play the role of Mae Ya Nang Phak

It is a representative symbol of


making the Pheu Thai party.

There was a hustle and bustle because when the daughter of "Mr. Hang" jumped to lead the party herself.


Election consumables, ammunition, and supplies are definitely not shortage!!!

More importantly, when

"Aung Ing"

campaigned full-time during the pre-pregnant period, he walked up to the north and south to the stage of the speech.

is like Nang Kwak

Get points from grassroots fans and red shirts.

got substantial

The more you get a well-known real estate businessman like

"Sian Nid" Srettha Thavisin

to join as the protagonist as the president and advisor to the head of the Pheu Thai family.

and is another candidate for the prime minister of the party

couple walking campaign

The more it makes the Pheu Thai camp.

The trend rises for several kilometres!!!

Free survey results from various polls

Both the main office, the central office, and the small special office

randomly asking people for opinions about the direction of the election

Before analyzing, distinguishing, deciding quickly, Pheu Thai Party is strong.

Point out that most villagers support

"Aung Ing"

as Prime Minister, elect MPs for Pheu Thai, both in the district system and party list.

come first

without fear

The more it reassures the Pheu Thai leaders that the land slide plan will reach the goal of sweeping 310 seats of MPs and forming a party government.

At the same time, it stimulates the energetic glands.

"Former Prime Minister Thaksin"

to speed up the end of the war

Leverage the settler to collect points during the high tide.

The announcement was made through the Japanese news agency.

Said after this election that he would go home and agree to go to prison in Thailand

in exchange for being with family

Awaken the trend, invoke pity points

I hope that the fans pour votes for the Pheu Thai Party in a landslide!!!

"Father Luk In" has read the pieces of this game.

I must say that it is an old pearl.

But it's necessary to use it.

Because this election, there is a high chance that the Pheu Thai Party will turn the poles.

returned to occupy state power again

But at the same time, it must not be forgotten that

The coin has two sides.

The sword has two edges.

When breaking out this pearl, use it to awaken the fan club trend.

is equivalent to waking up the opposition

Let's rise up too.

whatever it is

who had a sweet dream that he would land slide

Be careful, you may slip and roll in Koro, Khun Yom!!!

"Father and son in"