New Taipei City expands the promotion of the Good Day Love Platform to care for the disadvantaged, and more chain restaurants join in.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] New Taipei City promoted the "Good Days Love Platform Waiting for Meals" in August last year, and it will continue to do so this year. At present, 615 stores have responded to join. Mayor Hou Youyi signed a cooperation agreement with chain catering operators who joined the ranks of waiting for meals yesterday Memorandum, and a thank you card.

The city government expects to use the designated donation of 13 million yuan this year to pay for meals and help 130,000 people get food and clothing.

Yang Minling, the owner of Meimei Buffet in Banqiao District, shared that she responded and joined the meal plan when it started to be promoted. Often elders who live alone or single mothers take it, and found that they really need it, so they offered to provide more than 100 yuan of bento and joined the meal plan After that, the business improved virtually.

Hou Youyi said that due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, New Taipei City has promoted waiting for meals. Since last year, units such as the Social Welfare Center have issued meal coupons after evaluation. All rises will increase the financial burden of the people and make life harder. This year, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with chain restaurants such as Huxuzhang, Bafangyunji, Sanshang Catering, and Zhengxian. The convenience of picking up meals.

Zhang Jinli, Director of the Social Affairs Bureau, said that the New Taipei City Dining Plan was supported by donations from well-meaning people and companies. The eFOOOD platform provided information on the dine-in restaurants. So far, 1,501 stores have responded. There are stores in all 29 districts of New Taipei City. More than 360,000 people have benefited.