New Taipei City held a road traffic safety supervision meeting this morning.

(Photo by reporter Huang Ziyang)

[Reporter Huang Ziyang/New Taipei Report] New Taipei City held a road traffic safety supervision meeting this morning (28th). Priority will be given to MRT Yongan Market Station and Cailiao Station as demonstration areas.

This improvement project includes the improvement of traffic safety for the visually impaired. The Bureau of Transportation has included smart and sound signs, and the voice of the mobile app will help the visually impaired to grasp the location and intersection conditions, and strengthen traffic safety guidance.

Lin Zhaoxian, Chief of the Control Engineering Section of the Transportation Bureau, explained that the daily MRT traffic volume in Shuangbei is high, and passengers will face walking problems as soon as they leave the station. He hopes to systematically review the MRT in stages, with the MRT as the point, the route as the line, and the area as the area. People-oriented environment, so the "MRT Life Circle Friendly Walking Project" is promoted; the plan will be extended based on 71 MRT stations, and will be gradually expanded in two stages, but it will not be limited. If there are schools and hospitals nearby Facilities for the elderly, etc., will also be included in the review, and cross-unit cooperation will be sought from district offices, MRT bureaus, and education bureaus.

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Lin Zhaoxian said that the project will be prioritized in the MRT Yongan Market Station and Cailiao Station as demonstration areas, and five major improvement categories will be proposed, with a total of 21 improvement facilities, including signal facilities, passage space, traffic control, transfer facilities, and technology. Assistance, etc., and formulate evaluation principles, hoping to facilitate project promotion by standardizing the principles.

Lin Zhaoxian pointed out that the number of visually impaired people in New Taipei City is the largest in the country. Therefore, in addition to improving the general pedestrian circulation, relevant improvements are also made for the visually impaired. The Transportation Bureau visited the Eden Foundation Aiming Development Center on March 22 to learn more about the visual The needs of the handicapped, and this information was included in the planning reference. On the same day, I also went to the Yongan Market Station to survey and research merchants, and then communicated and integrated with the Nursing Office.

Aiming at the traffic safety of the visually impaired, the Bureau of Transportation has added guidelines for the blind, automatic roadside sensing or pressing signals to extend the number of seconds to pass at intersections based on the locations provided by the Aiming Development Center, and introduced smart sounding signs for the first time on a trial basis. Visually impaired people can Through the connection between the roadside facilities and the mobile APP, the voice broadcast of the name of the intersection and the number of seconds in each direction is performed to increase walking safety.

The improvement projects of the Transportation Bureau also include widening the traffic lanes, adding marked sidewalks, reviewing and adding settings such as early opening and special time for pedestrians, as well as strengthening the crackdown on violations, and reducing the speed of parks and streets.

Lin Zhaoxian explained that it is planned to review the improvements around 71 MRT stations within 4 years. At present, the survey of Yongan Market Station has been completed, and that of Cailiao Station is being processed. Follow-up review and processing, understanding of usage needs, and dynamic adjustments are expected in the first half of the year. There are 7 location improvements to complete.