The National Science Council announced the establishment of the "Taiwan AI Excellence Center", which will integrate across ministries and become an international cooperation platform, based on the three strategic goals of Taiwan's AI research technology, talent cultivation, and AI governance, and make good use of AI to create human well-being.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

[Reporter Wu Baixuan/Taipei Report] In the face of ChatGPT, the National Science Council announced today (28th) the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a platform for cross-ministerial integration and international cooperation. The industry should quickly form an AI ecosystem , launched AI cloud service applications to enter the international market; Wu Zhengzhong, chairman of the National Science Council, emphasized that in addition to the technology industry, AI is more important than the rule of law, and Taiwan can rank among the best in the world if it stabilizes.

Wu Zhengzhong, chairman of the National Science and Technology Council, said that in 2017, striving for a forward-looking fund of 5 billion yuan to promote the "AI Innovation Research Center" is Taiwan's "AI first year". Anticipating the rapid entry of AI into human life, ChatGPT caught people off guard. In addition to technology and industry, Taiwan also focuses on ethics and the rule of law. There are various challenges. If it can stabilize, Taiwan will be able to rank among the best in the world. Today, the AI ​​Center of Excellence is established. It will integrate software and hardware industries, inter-ministerial associations and other industry-government-university-research cooperation, and move towards internationalization in the future, allowing Taiwan to occupy a place in the world.

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Lu Chaoqun, president of the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Chip Alliance, said that Taiwan's semiconductor industry has gone through 30 years, and it is very important to do things down-to-earth. The model algorithm grows by an average of 240 times every 2 years, and the deep learning is 4,000 times every 2 years. I agree that software and hardware must be integrated at this time, and I also advocate that Taiwan must share innovations with humans and machines in order to reach new heights.

Shen Baiyan, chairman of the Information Software Association, said that Taiwan is already a chip power, but how to become a digital power requires collective wisdom. ChatGPT has made generative AI explode, driving the innovation of applications and system tools, and narrowing the gap in knowledge, but it is accompanied by information accuracy. Suggestions Taiwan builds a people-oriented and reliable AI governance system and a reliable verification mechanism. The government must encourage developers to cooperate to shape the AI ​​ecosystem and "launch AI cloud service applications as soon as possible" in order to enter the international market, save costs, and be more diverse. Developing and cultivating AI cross-domain talents is the only way to maintain national competitiveness.

Cai Zhihong, the general convener of the Taiwan AI Center of Excellence, said that Taiwan's AI foundation has considerable strength, and is gathering a combat-capable team to develop a usable and generative dialogue engine suitable for Taiwan's environment and cultural background. The core engine is mainly used as a basic model, which can be followed Applied to government departments or financial holdings to assist in "problem answering"; Xu Yongzhen, vice president convener and director of the Smart Networking Innovation Research Center of National Taiwan University, added that the basic model of international manufacturers "is not capable of traditional Chinese", and we will strengthen it. Taiwan version engine In terms of application, it is necessary to make the data trustworthy and in line with Taiwan's values, and the follow-up will be public-private cooperation.

Wu Zhengzhong, chairman of the National Science Council, emphasized that in addition to technology and industry, the development of AI is more focused on ethics and the rule of law. human application.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)