"They are still not giving up their disruptive activities, such as creating tension, causing provocation, inciting separatism among Armenians living in Karabakh, illegally transporting weapons and ammunition to these areas, and strengthening illegal military units that should be removed from these areas."

APA reports that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Khalaf Khalafov, said this during his speech at the event on the occasion of the National Day of Greece in Baku.

"There is only one answer to all this: Armenia will comply with the obligations arising from the results of the 44-day war.

We hope that our neighbor Armenia will draw the right conclusions from all that has been said, from the efforts of Azerbaijan and the entire international community for the establishment of peace, for the quick resolution of problems, for the normalization of relations, such as a peace agreement, border delimitation and demarcation, and the opening of all communications," Khalaf said. Khalafov noted.