President Tsai Ing-wen.

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[Reporter Su Yongyao/Taipei Report] President Tsai Ing-wen received the "Visiting Delegation from Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Shikoku, Hiroshima and Overseas Chinese Associations in Hiroshima, Japan" this morning (28th), and thanked the Japanese overseas Chinese community for their continuous contributions to Taiwan-Japan relations and Taiwan-Japan friendship. More efforts; it also makes the friendship and mutual bond between the two parties deeper.

Please also continue to exert influence in Japan, be the backing of the government, and win more international support for us.

Tsai Ing-wen said that the overseas Chinese community in Japan has always been very united and powerful; they have also been doing national diplomacy overseas for a long time, and they are an important promoter of "Taiwan-Japan friendship."

For example, during the epidemic, everyone worked hard to raise epidemic prevention materials and provided them to the Japanese government, medical institutions and schools, showing the warmth and kindness of Taiwanese people; when China unilaterally banned the export of Taiwanese pineapples, we purchased nearly 10 metric tons of Taiwanese pineapples and gave them away To Japanese politicians and social welfare organizations, vigorously promote Taiwan's high-quality agricultural products.

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The President thanked all of you. You live in Japan and care about Taiwan. You have continued to make more efforts for Taiwan-Japan relations and Taiwan-Japan friendship; this has also deepened the friendship and bond between the two sides.

She also mentioned that in the past few years, in the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the government and the people have worked together to enable Taiwan's economy to continue to develop steadily.

President Tsai pointed out that with the efforts of all Chinese people, last year, Taiwan ranked first in the world in the "Covid-19 Recovery Index" released by Nikkei Asia; According to the 2023 Index of Economic Freedom, Taiwan ranks fourth in the world, the best result in history.

Tsai Ing-wen said that she would like to take this opportunity to recommend that over the past few years, the "Three Major Plans for Investing in Taiwan" we have promoted have seen results. At present, the total investment amount exceeds NT$2 trillion and more than 140,000 local job opportunities have been created.

The government has also extended the entire plan to 2024. Please consider returning to Taiwan for investment, and help us promote it in Japan.

President Tsai believes that in the future, Taiwan's participation in regional economy and trade and its entry into the international market will become faster and faster.

She wants everyone to continue to exert influence in Japan, to be the backing of the government, and to win more international support for us.

Taiwan pineapple marketed in Japan.

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