[Reporters Cai Sipei, Su Mengjuan/Comprehensive Report] The board of directors of Easycard Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. was re-elected yesterday. Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan borrowed from Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan.

Lin said that the transportation business still accounts for more than half of the EasyCard revenue, and the transportation business service will continue to be strengthened.

Lin: Strengthen traffic business services

Lin Zhiying was the director of transportation in Taipei City and Taichung City, and also served as the general manager of EasyCard Company for many years.

The Easy Card Company stated that the four counties and cities in North and North Jitao are jointly promoting the 1200 time pass, and the Easy Card Company will be responsible for the system and technology integration, and Lin Zhiying can use his transportation talents.

Lin Zhiying said that in addition to small-amount consumption payments, the Easy Card has also developed electronic payments, but the transportation business revenue still accounts for more than half of the Easy Card's total revenue. The transportation business is a rigid demand, which is related to the well-being of the people, and the service must be continuously strengthened.

EasyCard Investment Holding Company is the parent company of EasyCard Company, and the investment holding company can decide the chairman of EasyCard Company, and the subsidiary can only be reorganized after the investment holding company is reorganized.

The Board of Directors of EasyCard Investment Holding Company was re-elected yesterday. The Taipei City Government and Beijie also appointed Hsieh Ming-hung, Director of Transportation, and Zhan Wentao, Deputy General Manager of Beijie, as representatives of the new directors.

However, the EasyCard Company has not yet been reorganized. The current chairman is still Chen Tingru, and the general manager is still the former Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe's love general Qiu Yukai. However, it is understood that after the chairman of the investment holding company is replaced, the board of directors may be held.

The Taichung City Government stated that after Lin Zhiying resigned from the chairman of Taichung MRT, Taichung MRT will hold a board meeting on March 30 to elect a suitable chairman.