Li Guohui, an overseas Chinese from Myanmar, set fire to a rental apartment in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City and killed 9 people. The two daughters of one of the deceased sought compensation from the landlady Lian Qiuxiang (see photo).

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[Reporter Yang Guowen/Taipei Report] Li Guohui, an overseas Chinese from Myanmar, set fire to a rented apartment in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City in the early morning of late 2017, resulting in 9 deaths and 5 injuries. The trial changed Li's sentence to life imprisonment. The prosecution has appealed to the third trial. The landlady Lian Qiuxiang has been sentenced to death by negligence for one year and will be confirmed in October. It was rebuilt into 41 suites, which violated the construction law, and was still rented out to cause disasters. A total of more than 14.26 million yuan was claimed from her. The high court today ruled that Liannu must pay 2.66 million yuan in total to the two daughters, and can appeal.

53-year-old Li Guohui has been in Taiwan for more than 20 years and has acquired Chinese nationality. He has been sentenced twice for arson.

Prosecutors accused Li of using amphetamines to cause disorders. In November 2017, because he believed that he was provoked and ridiculed by friends using "Bluetooth playback" on Facebook, he placed a gasoline bottle twice at the door of a fellow surnamed Su. As a warning, in the early morning of the 22nd of the same month, gasoline was set ablaze in the rented house, causing Hu Nan, who kindly took him in, and 8 strangers who had no way to escape, to be buried in the fire pit, and 5 others were burned and scalded.

The two daughters of the deceased surnamed Liu claimed that Lian Qiuxiang bought a house in Section 2 of Xingnan Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City that had been converted into suites. After repeated renovations, she divided them into 41 suites. In the event of a fire, it would make it difficult for the tenants to escape, but they still rented out the suite for profit, causing his father to escape too late, and died of suffocation by inhaling too much exhaust gas.

The New Taipei District Court ruled that Lian Qiuxiang was liable for damages, and the judgment required compensation of more than 2.187 million yuan and 2.353 million yuan respectively. Liannu refused to accept it and appealed to the High Court.

The High Court found that there was a causal relationship between the death of Lian Nu and the deceased surnamed Liu, and she should be liable for damages. After deducting the compensation of 1.3 million yuan for the victims of the crime, the two women should be compensated 1.247796 yuan and 1.41 million yuan respectively. 3246 yuan.