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"KNSB suspects that there is a cartel not only in the commercial chains, but also in other sectors".

This was explained by the president of the Confederation Plamen Dimitrov on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria".

"We requested that the CPC start inspections from January 1.

They self-reported 2 weeks ago.

I believe there is a cartel.

The entire production chain must be illuminated.

Speculation is not only in the retail chains, it is also in other places.

I suspect that in other sectors, which are not necessarily retail trade, there are cartel formations, such as the production and trade of petroleum products, for example," Dimitrov specified.

He also explained what the demands of the trade unions are to the future rulers.

"We want to compensate the income of those who have not been compensated for the last 2 years.

The nearly 30 percent inflation is compressed in some places, but in some places it is not. There are sectors such as plumbing and textiles, where the increase is not so serious," said Dimitrov.

KNSB: There is a crying need for a government to spend 23% of GDP on social policies

"Currently, the fiscal reserve is over BGN 16 billion.

We have clarity on how we can return the budget to a 3% deficit without this leading to an increase in spending.

There is money in the state and we have to reach for it", explained the president of KNSB.