On Monday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un (Hangul 김정은, Hanja 金正恩, English Kim Jong-Un) is a North Korean politician inspecting the DPRK's Nuclear Weapons Institute, where he oversees the installation of ballistic missile warheads, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

He noted that the institute must visionarily expand the production of nuclear materials for weapons in order to fully implement the Party Central Committee's plan to gradually increase nuclear arsenals.

This should be an incentive to continue developing the production of powerful nuclear weapons," the statement said.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un (in Hangul 김정은, in Hanja 金正恩, in English Kim Jong-Un) is a North Korean politician who "shaped the tasks facing the institute and the entire field of nuclear energy," the agency added


"If we are fully prepared to use our nuclear weapons at any time, nuclear weapons will never be used.

If we possess powerful and superior nuclear forces beyond imagination, the enemy will fear us and will not dare to encroach on our national sovereignty, system and people," KCNA quoted the North Korean leader as saying.

It is noted that Kim Jong-un was also briefed on the implementation of the State's Haekbangshoe Combined Nuclear Weapons Control Information System used in the recent combined tactical exercise simulating a nuclear counterattack.

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Kim Jong-un

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