Zhang Boyang, a council member of Taiwan Jijin Xinkegao, will launch a children's discharge activity on Children's Day.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Report from Kaohsiung] The rookie mindai has deeply cultivated the land, starting from the children!

Taiwan Jijin Xinkegao City Councilor Zhang Boyang and Fengyu District Chief Xie Xiyuan will hold the "Children's Discharge, Fengyu Xiong Exhibition" event on Children's Day; KMT Xinke Councilor Xu Caizhen made arrangements ahead of time and rushed to dress up as Cinderella "Zhen" a week before the spring break to accompany Child plays with air mattress.

Gao City Councilor Zhang Boyang has recently promoted through various channels. On the afternoon of Children's Day, he will launch "Children's Discharge, Fengyu Xiong Exhibition" in Xinfeng Park (Zhonghua Heng Road, Lixing Intersection) ” event, inviting the community to have fun with their children.

He explained that Fengyu Xiong Exhibition has all kinds of second-hand goods, creative hand-made products and various delicacies. There are also rich programs planned on site, including live singing and singing, interactive picture book reading in three channels of Taiwanese, Hakka and English, and various experience activities. , and also invited the Gaoshi Mounted Police to make this Children's Day fun for children and adults.

City Councilor Xu Caizhen chose the week before Children’s Day to hold a fun parent-child activity in the Central Park, including a castle park, singing with a big sister, and blowing bubbles. She even dressed up as Cinderella. ” and play games with the children.

Xu Caizhen emphasized that this is her promise during the election. Parent-child activities will not only appear in the election year, but will be held every year. In addition to using the opportunity to interact with the public, the most important thing is to allow children and parents to have a common happy memory!

She laughed and said that after playing with a group of lovely children for an afternoon, her bones were almost broken, but seeing their smiles at the end of the activity, she felt that everything was worth it!

Special thanks to Chen Zongzuo, head of Changsheng Village, for his assistance in organizing and providing the venue, and Batley's exquisite baking for providing delicious meals.

KMT Xinkegao City Councilor Xu Caizhen rushed to hold an air cushion event a week before Children's Day, and even dressed up as Cinderella "Zhen" to play with the children.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)