Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai and Social Affairs Bureau Director Xie Lili announced today that maternity allowances will be increased from April.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung Municipal Council approved today that the maternity allowance will be increased from the original 223 to 333, and the original 20,000 yuan for the first two births will be adjusted to 30,000 yuan each. Ten thousand yuan; Mayor Chen Qimai emphasized that the first child is very important, there will be no second child without the first child, and more support should be given to young parents.

Chen Qimai further mentioned that if you don’t choose maternity allowance, you can also choose confinement service at home. The first three births are 120, 160, and 240 hours per month, and the conversion equivalent is about 30,000, 40,000, and 60,000 yuan. Affordable; eligible for low-middle income and low-income people (located in Kaohsiung), maternity allowance and confinement services can also be received together.

Xie Lili, director of the Social Affairs Bureau, explained that more than 3,100 newborns have registered for household registration so far this year, which is an increase compared with the same period last year. Subsidies will be increased in the future, hoping to make young parents more willing to have children.

The city government explained that the "3" policy for good pregnancy passed by the municipal meeting today, as long as one of the parents is registered in Kaohsiung City for one year, the childbirth allowance will be changed from 20,000 yuan per person for the first child to 20,000 yuan per child for the second child. 20,000 yuan for the first child and 30,000 yuan for the third child (including the above). Above) is 30,000 yuan per person, and the new system will start on April 1, 2012, which belongs to children!

Ordinary newborn families can also choose to exchange confinement services worth 30,000, 40,000 or 60,000 yuan for the first child. Since 112, the care measures will be expanded. Economically disadvantaged mothers can receive maternity allowance and confinement at the same time Home service subsidy, from pregnancy to raising, caring for families of childbearing age, caring for the disadvantaged is more powerful.

In order to consider the traffic safety of pregnant women, this year, pregnant women will be fully subsidized for maternity examination transportation subsidies. As long as pregnant women from Kaohsiung City visit 50 maternity examination medical institutions in the city, they can receive transportation tickets worth 5,040 yuan for 28 taxi rides.

At the same time, in line with the national co-parenting policy for 0 to 6 years old, the childcare subsidy has been increased to 8,500 yuan in August 2011, and the subsidy has been increased twice in Kaohsiung until 2011 to reduce the burden of childcare families. In February this year, Kaohsiung added an additional subsidy of 1,600 yuan, with a total subsidy of 10,100 yuan; the central government of quasi-public childcare centers subsidized 8,500 yuan per month. Since August 2012, Kaohsiung has added another subsidy of 2,500 yuan, with a total subsidy of 11,000 yuan. burden.

Gaoshi has increased maternity allowances, hoping to give more support to young parents.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Gaoshi’s good pregnancy into 3 maternity allowances will be increased.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)