Silver Hair Fitness Club has professional sports instructors who teach the elderly how to use fitness equipment and strength training.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Health Bureau)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] In order to live a healthy life, after entering old age, it is necessary to exercise regularly and improve muscle strength. From April 1st to October 30th, the Kaohsiung City Health Bureau will hold the "Xiong Healthy Silver Hair Fitness Club" "Muscle Strength Self-Challenge Activity", seniors over 65 years old sign up for and complete 8 weeks of training and physical fitness testing before and after, and they will receive a small surprise gift.

In February of this year, the national elderly population rate was 17.68%, and the proportion of elderly people in Kaohsiung City was 18.46%, which was higher than that of the whole country. In order to promote healthy aging and a healthy living environment for the elderly, Kaohsiung City has currently built 14 silver-haired fitness clubs, through ring fitness suitable for the elderly Exercise training with equipment and professional instructors, including aerobic exercise, resistance training, flexibility training and balance training, to enhance the elderly's awareness of their physical condition and the importance of proper exercise, and then cultivate the habit of regular exercise, effectively improve muscle strength and prevent falls. Reduce the chance of bedridden disability.

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According to the Health Bureau, the Elderly Muscle Strength Course at the Silver Hair Fitness Club consists of 8 weeks of training, one day a week for about 1 to 2 hours. During the course, the elderly will also be given functional self-evaluation scales and physical fitness tests, as long as they can be successfully completed Practical surprise gifts will be presented during the course. You can go to the "Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau-Community Resource Integration Platform" or call the Health Bureau 07-7134000 ext. 5211 Ms. Jiang.

The Health Bureau also reminds that in addition to exercise, adequate intake of protein is also the key to strengthening muscle strength. Dairy products, beans, fish, eggs and meat contain high-quality protein. The elderly can choose soft and chewable foods to increase their intake, which can improve the dental problems caused by the elderly. The phenomenon of weakness and sarcopenia caused by nutritional imbalance.

Elders in the Silver Hair Fitness Club undergo a lower limb muscle strength test.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Health Bureau)

Seniors over 65 years old can find the nearest silver hair fitness club to sign up.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Health Bureau)