[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an will be in office for 100 days. The Taipei City Government submitted a report card yesterday. The seminar said that it has launched Dugengwujian, a pedestrian-friendly environment, double childbirth rewards, and priority for second-child families. Policies for living in social housing and senior learning centers.

However, Taipei city councilors believe that although Jiang Wanan has worked hard to promote policies, he still needs to strengthen his relationship with councilors, district chiefs, and citizens in terms of personnel appointments.

Qin Huizhu: The personnel of the four major companies have not yet been finalized

Qin Huizhu, Secretary of the Party Group of the North City Council of the Kuomintang, pointed out that Jiang Wan'an's policies such as reforms and restoration of Chongyang Respect for the Elderly during his election campaign were all implemented and affirmed after he took office. However, Jiang's appointment of personnel was too slow. The candidate for the manager has not yet been fully determined, and the people in the Keshi government who remain in their original positions do not know what to do. In addition, Jiang Wanan still needs to strengthen communication with the district chief and council members.

Chen Yijun: Use more empathy to solve municipal problems

Chen Yijun, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that Jiang Wan'an's speeches are always well-regulated, lacking in communication and emotion, and not talking to the citizens. What the citizens need is a mayor who uses "empathy" to solve municipal problems, but Jiang uses big money to deal with municipal affairs. On the contrary, the distance between the mayor and the citizens is even further.

Huang Jingying: Looking forward to strengthening the relationship between government and council

People's Party member Huang Jingying said that when the councilors asked the city government for information, the answers they got were mostly vague and slow, and hoped that Jiang Wan'an could strengthen the relationship between the government and the council.

Democratic Progressive Party member Zhao Yixiang pointed out that although Jiang Wan'an has only been in office for three months, his political views on the ratio of female cabinet members to reserving two-story social housing for second-child families have been confirmed to be skipped. In the future, he will do his best to review Jiang's other political views.

KMT member Wang Xinyi said that it is a good thing for Jiang Wanan to double the birth bonus, but it should be traced back to this year's New Year's Day.

Hong Jianyi, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that whether Jiang Wan'an has intentions to govern the city, he will meet Zhenzhang after the meeting.

The Beishi Government Research and Examination Association sorted out the three-month political achievements of the Jiang City Government at the municipal meeting yesterday, including the launch of the Dugeng Five Arrows, a pedestrian-friendly environment, double birth rewards, and priority for second-child families to live in communal housing and senior learning centers and other policies.

The East Loop Section of the MRT Loop Line has been reviewed and approved by the National Development Council, and the construction of the North Loop Section has started; the stadium has completed the administrative review of the fire and smoke exhaust test, and the laying of turf for the stadium will start in the near future.

The research and examination committee stated that in the future, it will continue to track the implementation of the mayor’s political opinions through the municipal white paper. The progress of the white paper will be updated every January and July. External experts and scholars will also be required to review it, and the white paper will be published on the website to let the outside world understand the implementation status.