A large drug greenhouse worth millions was busted in Slivensko yesterday.

It is a large facility with several rooms equipped with high technology for growing and distributing marijuana.

The investigator from the National Investigation Service, Marian Marinov, explained that it was a massive concrete structure at minus elevation.

Ministry of the Interior

“The entrance to this structure was masked with the bodywork of an old van and effectively the rear door of the vehicle was used to enter the premises.

Inside, the equipment was an artificial underground oasis with artificial suns, consisting of 600-watt LED lamps each measuring two square meters in area.

As the total amount of these lamps and all the consumers of electricity implies an electricity consumption of about 50 to 100 kilowatts per hour, which requires a huge amount of current to power this whole system," Marinov added.

Hit: They broke into a large greenhouse for marijuana near Sliven

The drug greenhouse also has air supply, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity and temperature control, liquid fertilizer supply.

There is a plumbing system of tanks.

"All this was with high-quality and modern equipment.

It was built with control panels, there were even fire extinguishers that were installed for safety purposes," added investigator Marinov.

He explained that the facility looks like a bunker that can be lived in for a long time.

It was planned to turn another room into a drug greenhouse, but this was blocked.

7 people have been charged.

So far, it is not known who the organizer is, but he faces 10 to 20 years in prison

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