The panic of Russian propagandists does not subside because of the information about the supply of British

shells with depleted uranium

for tanks to Ukraine.    

Thus, on the broadcast of the program of one of the main propagandists of the Kremlin, Olga Skabeeva, a proposal was made to "wipe Britain off the face of the earth."

"The first thing to do is to demolish Britain, simply wipe it off the face of the earth. In fact, then everything will be over, because the main evil is Britain. The main instigator in Europe is Britain. After inflicting a critical defeat on Britain, the whole war will be over... Everything will come to this, sooner or later, probably this will be the end of it," said the Russian propagandist, who was happily supported by other "experts".

It will be recalled that

Great Britain announced the supply of armor-piercing projectiles with shells made of depleted uranium to Ukraine.

Depleted uranium is used mostly for the production of combined armor and armor-piercing subcaliber projectiles.

After that, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Oleksandr

Lukashenko, threatened that Russia would transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus. 

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