He Kunlin explained the reasons for running for the legislator of the six constituencies of Taichung City.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] After Huang Guoshu, a non-party legislator in the 6th constituency of the Taichung City Legislative Committee (Central West Southeast District), announced that he would not run for re-election, 3 members of the Democratic Progressive Party have registered to run for re-election. He Kunlin, the son of City Councilor Ho Min-cheng, held a press conference today (28th) to express his "brave commitment", emphasizing Taiwan's internal and external troubles. Among China, he absorbs Taiwan's resources. He wants to go to the Legislative Yuan to supervise, and follow in the footsteps of Vice President Lai Qingde to defend Taiwan's sovereignty, freedom and democracy together.

In addition to He Kunlin, two city councilors, Jiang Zhaoguo and Huang Shouda, have registered to run for the 6th constituency in Taichung City of the Democratic Progressive Party. The Taichung city councilor lost the election.

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He Kunlin held a "Brave in Bearing" press conference at the "Quan An Tang Taichung Sun Cake Museum" in the Central District today. In addition to He Mincheng's support, there are also former uncle He Minhao, former legislator Li Mingxian, and British city councilor Chen Yurong. More than 60 local people came to the scene to support them, and performed an action drama to act out the recently super popular baboon, who escaped for more than 10 days, but unfortunately died in vain even though he was caught.

He Kunlin said that his grandfather was He Chunmu, and his father was He Mincheng. The blood of freedom and democracy flowed from his body since he was a child.

He Kunlin pointed out that during the Second World War, British Prime Minister Chamberlain advocated appeasement. In the end, Poland was occupied by Germany. Taiwan faced internal and external troubles. Representatives from the United States, Japan, and the Czech Republic came to Taiwan to visit. President Tsai Ing-wen wanted to visit countries with diplomatic relations. However, some "bandits" in Taiwan travel between Taiwan and China, absorbing Taiwan's resources.

He Kunlin also pointed out that because he consciously needs to take up the responsibility of protecting Taiwan's democratic values, he wants to run for the legislature, follow in the footsteps of Vice President Lai Qingde, defend Taiwan's sovereignty, and go to the Legislative Yuan to strengthen law amendments and require the Executive Yuan to implement anti-infiltration Law.

He Mincheng first recommended He Kunlin to the local folks, saying that He Kunlin is proficient in multiple languages. He graduated from the University of Birmingham with a master's degree. He is very good. Ren is the best city councilor of the DPP, so he should stay in the city council and continue to serve so as not to waste social resources.

City Councilor Chen Yurong said that she supports all three candidates of the Democratic Progressive Party this time, and she attended today based on He Kunlin's support for Taiwan's diplomatic philosophy.

He Kunlin held a "Brave to Bear" press conference, and more than 60 local people attended to support it.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)