American singer

Britney Spears

showed how happy she is next to her husband, fitness trainer

Sam Asghari

The celebrity shared on her Instagram page pictures next to her lover.

A smiling Britney happily posed in Sam's arms aboard a private jet. 

This time, Spears did not leave a wordy caption under the photo, but simply added many different romantic emojis.


The publication gained more than a thousand likes in a couple of hours, but Spears fans are still unable to share their opinion in the comments.

The fact is that a few months ago, Britney limited the ability to leave comments on her page after her subscribers again began to worry about the psychological state of the singer. 

It should be noted that the fans' worries are completely unfounded, because some of the star's posts really have a strange look.

So, for example, after publishing a photo with her husband, Britney added a message to her story that some of her things mysteriously disappeared. 

"Since I'm doing some serious retrospective this week, I went back and checked some of my posts and realized half my clothes are gone. These are my favorite wardrobe items that are gone! I'm posting this to remind myself," Britney wrote. 


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