One of the series activities of the New Taipei Children's Music Festival, "Play with Friends - Happy Tourist Factory" is about to start, and the New Taipei Tourist Factory offers a number of discounts.

The picture shows children playing the magic marbles game in Liuxing Tianxia Liuxing Garden.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Economic Development Bureau)

[Reporter Gan Menglin/New Taipei Report] The New Taipei Tourist Factory and Industrial Culture Center has a wide variety of types, including display areas, interactive devices, and DIY hand-made experiences.

As one of the series activities of the New Taipei Children's Music Festival, "Playing with Friends - Happy Tourist Factory" is about to start. In order to welcome the month of children, the New Taipei Tourist Factory will offer limited promotions in April, including free admission to the museum, The public is welcome to visit the New Taipei Tourist Factory for gift giving and consumption draws.

He Yiming, director of the Economic Development Bureau, said that the Economic Development Bureau assists the transformation of traditional factories into places with tourism value, provides all-round transformation guidance services, and integrates multi-party resource marketing to help the industry build a brand image and enhance industrial value.

Help tourism factories to attack the tourism market, connect characteristic business districts and attractions, and attract tourists; strengthen links with schools for career exploration, promote industry-government-academia cooperation, increase the popularity of tourism factories, and create local employment and business opportunities.

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A number of tourism factories have launched special discounts for children, including Viger Bakery’s Pineapple Cake Dream Factory, where children will receive a free hand-made game and a set of drawing paper upon admission; Wu Fuyang’s Socks Story Museum, free admission to the museum with the voucher, and participation in the century-old hand-knitting DIY If the course costs more than RMB 450, a pair of high-quality children’s socks will be given away; Kazi Popcorn Sightseeing Factory Paradise, the original AI popcorn making process train will demonstrate the fully automated production line technology, successfully complete the online ticket purchase and enter the venue, and give popcorn erasers, etc.; Tianxia Liuxing Garden, enjoy the interesting magic marbles game, and enjoy 10% discount on DIY rotating music bells.

For detailed business hours and event information of other tourist factories and industrial cultural centers, please visit the official website of the New Taipei City Economic Development Bureau, or go to the Facebook page "Laiqu New Taipei City Development Bureau" for inquiries.