The cost of feed increases, and the price of farmed fish in Penghu may increase.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Following the increase in the price of eggs and pork, the cost of farmed feed in Penghu has recently increased, and farmed fish may be the next wave of price increases. Hoarding price.

The Penghu Islands are surrounded by the sea, and the cage farming industry in the inland sea is booming. Recently, the feed for fish farming has also increased. Among them, the 20 kg steamed fish meal for juvenile fish has the highest increase, from 900 yuan per pack to 1,400 yuan. The 20-kilogram package of granular floating water-based feed has also been raised from 960 yuan per pack to 1,100 yuan.

Due to the sharp increase in the cost of farmers, it is estimated that the price of the next wave of farmed grouper will also increase accordingly.

In order to stabilize prices, the Penghu County Government, Consumer Protection Officer Xue Hongxin, together with the Investigation Bureau, the County Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, the Construction Department, and the Administration Department, inspected a local egg supplier, two large-scale traders and three Retailers have not found out that egg merchants have illegally hoarded eggs.

Xue Hongxin said that the daily output of eggs in Penghu is about 650 catties (about 6,500 eggs). In addition to the supply of eggs from Taiwan, the supply is currently stable.