The Penghu County Government dispatched consumer protection officers to conduct an inspection of egg prices in conjunction with relevant units.

(Provided by Penghu County Government)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Taiwan's serious egg shortage has caused a chain reaction of rising prices for everything. Following the price hikes of eggs and pork, due to the increase in feed costs for farming, the next wave of price hikes may be farmed fish.

The Penghu County Government dispatched consumer protection officers to investigate everywhere to prevent egg merchants from hoarding and gouging prices, and to try their best to stabilize prices.

Due to the gradual emergence of the inflationary effect caused by the egg shortage, the Penghu Islands, surrounded by the sea, and the inland sea cage aquaculture industry are booming. Recently, the feed for aquaculture fish used by the industry has also experienced an upsurge. Among them, the 20 kg steamed fish meal for juvenile fish has the highest increase. , increased from 900 yuan per pack to 1,400 yuan, and the 20 kg granular floating feed was increased from 960 yuan to 1,100 yuan per pack. Due to the sharp increase in the cost of farmers, following the rise in eggs and pork, it is estimated that The price of the next wave of farmed grouper will also increase accordingly.

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In order to stabilize prices, the Penghu County Government today, Consumer Protection Officer Xue Hongxin, together with the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, the County Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, the Construction Department, and the Administration Department, inspected a local supply of eggs in response to the recent lack of eggs in the market, egg supply and price fluctuations. Egg dealers, 2 large-scale dealers and 3 retailers, the results of the inspection did not find out the illegal hoarding of eggs by egg dealers.

Xue Hongxin appealed to the public not to panic buy or hoard.

If the public finds abnormal hoarding or price-raising by manufacturers, they can call the 1950 consumer service hotline or the 1999 special hotline for feedback.

Xue Hongxin said that the daily output of eggs in Penghu is about 650 jin (about 6,500 eggs). In addition to the egg supply in Taiwan, the current supply is stable. In the future, we will continue to monitor the market conditions and prices of egg production and sales to prevent egg price gouging.

At the same time, the current local egg suppliers have planned to introduce chickens to increase production capacity, and the distributors are also actively contacting with egg suppliers in Taiwan to stabilize the supply of eggs and promote a balance in egg production and sales.

Egg prices drive everything up, and even farmed fish may rise due to the increase in feed costs.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)