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So far, all decisions on military, humanitarian, economic and financial aid to Ukraine have been taken unanimously in the EU, a spokesman for the European Commission said today.

He noted that the EU countries jointly provide military aid to Kiev for several billion euros, but independently also send additional support, BTA reported.

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The European Military Aid Fund foresees one billion euros to cover the costs of the provided military equipment from the stocks of the countries, and the same amount of funds is planned for the transportation of the shipments to Ukraine, the spokesperson explained.

Countries providing aid from their stockpiles are expected to calculate what amounts to keep based on their own security needs, he added.

There is no "obsolete" equipment - any equipment that Ukraine can use is needed to defend against a Russian attack, the spokesman said.

When it comes to the so-called Soviet equipment - it is very important and had a decisive role at the beginning of the war, because the Ukrainian military knows it.

As long as a weapon can be used, it contributes, he concluded.

And Hungary joined the project for the joint purchase of shells for Ukraine

It cannot be said that the EU covers the costs of providing obsolete equipment - Ukraine determines what it needs.

We give what is asked for and we can provide.

It is up to EU countries to pay the costs with funds from the fund, they set the rules, the spokesman said in response to a question related to media claims that some European countries are sending Ukraine outdated equipment but expect reimbursement at new prices .

Countries are considering whether to publicly announce the terms of covering the costs of the military equipment provided to Ukraine.

Many conditions cannot be announced for now while the war continues, the spokesman explained.

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