Australian gold diggers have found ore containing 2.6kg of gold and sold it for A$240,000.

(Picture taken from Lucky Strike Gold Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A man with a cheap metal detector in Australia found a rock containing gold in Victoria. After inspection, the industry found that the gold inside weighed 83 troy ounces weight, about 2.6 kilograms), and immediately bid 240,000 Australian dollars (about NT$4.86 million) to buy it.

According to the "BBC" report, Darren Kamp, who has 43 years of gold panning experience and one of the operators of the gold exploration company Lucky Strike Gold, said that the lucky man, who did not want to be named, walked into the store with a large backpack on his back. Take out a large piece of gold ore and hand it to him, and ask if it is worth 10,000 Australian dollars (about NT$200,000).

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After Kemp weighed the gold ore, he looked at the other party and said that it might be sold for 100,000 Australian dollars (approximately NT$2.02 million). Unexpectedly, the man then said that he still had the other half.

Kemp pointed out that the rock weighed 4.6 kilograms in its intact state and contained 2.6 kilograms of gold, making it the largest gold ore he had seen in 43 years.

Camp appraised the price and paid to buy the ore, and revealed that the man planned to use the money on his family and make his wife happy.

It is understood that Australia has the largest gold mine content in the world, and many large ores are found locally, and Victoria itself was the center of the Australian gold rush in the 19th century.