Every day, digital technology permeates our daily lives.

It is an important factor that determines the future of the global economy.

There is no country that is not driven by the digital economy.

Thailand has been busy building infrastructure and pushing social behavior into the digital economy.

In the initial adaptation period, it was considered good progress.

But after the promotion from the government is quite slow.

Going back more than 10 years ago, Thailand's telecommunication infrastructure was still unable to show off in ASEAN.

Even Laos still has 3G waves before Thailand.

Even in the era when

Khun Thakorn Tantasit

held the position of Secretary-General of the Broadcasting Commission

television business

and the Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has been an important engine in pushing forward the 3G spectrum auction in 2012, the 4G spectrum auction in 2015, and the 5G spectrum auction in February 2020, making Thailand the first country in ASEAN group that successfully auctioned 5G spectrum

Currently, Mr. Thakorn has turned to politics and is the chairman of the National Digital Economy Development and Efficiency Committee.

Thai Sang Thai Party (TAT) to carry on the pending dreams, especially the extension of 5G technology and the development of the digital economy.

In the event,

the vision

of the Thai Sang Thai Party

Khun Thakorn mentioned the topic

digital economy

that there is a dream to build a digital economy

for the Thai economy to have a strong stand in world trade and investment

This will create jobs and create stable careers for many Thai people.

Many countries are looking to play a role in this technological transition.

If Thailand can formulate strategies quickly and well

The economy and people will benefit immensely, for example, farmers will have more income.

Creation of a Patient Record Center (Patient Record Center) to extend medical care from 30 baht to 30 baht plus. One ID card can be treated anywhere.

It also opens up many new business channels.

Thakorn said

The heart of creating a digital economy lies in 3 words: people, private sector and public sector.


Thai Sang Thai Party will support

3 is strong numeracy and language skills.

What can be done is a national digital skills development program through online learning for everyone to study for free.

We can partner with global learning platforms like Coursera or partner with educational institutions spread across the country.

It is a skills development center for learners who want to study one-on-one (in-person training) or who cannot study from home.

This project will provide free access to necessary skills for Thai people.

Private sector:

will support investment, innovation and employment through 2 channels: 1. Creating a digital business cluster.

attract both Thai and foreign businesses to invest more

As a result, the Thai economy has the potential and readiness for new businesses in many sectors.

2. Establishment of the Community Digital Economy Fund

to support digital businesses at the village level

The initial budget of 15,000 million baht was used to distribute to 75,032 villages across the country, an average of 200,000 baht per village.

The said amount came from the cooperation from

A global platform provider based on Thailand's telecommunication infrastructure and operating in Thailand.

Therefore, it is not a burden on the people and not a burden on the state budget.

Public sector:

will make the public sector play an important role in 4 things: 1. Strategy for the country's digital economy

for Thailand to be a link between East and West

and establishing relations at the policy level with international

2. Cooperate with the private sector to build a digital economy

The government will not just issue and enforce rules.

But must work with the private sector to improve regulations that are lagging behind, which is an obstacle to the development of the digital economy.

3. Change the form of public service

Both health, education, regulations

to be in digital form

4. Technology must be used as a tool for people to check and balance the government.

I consider it a policy presentation that covers all dimensions.

If all turbocharged bodies are driven simultaneously as follows

The Thai economy will grow strongly and inclusively.