The original partner accused Xiaosan and her husband of being caught and raped in bed, and went out and sang together, completely ignoring her existence and feelings.

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[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] A woman surnamed Xu was caught and raped by her ex-wife when she was sleeping with her husband in the same bed last year. The ex-husband filed a civil lawsuit after the incident, claiming 500,000 yuan from the mistress Xu Nu. Alleged that Xiaosan was "caught monkeys" on the night of going out and singing with her husband, completely ignoring her existence and feelings. Xu Xu argued that she did not know that her husband was married and that the two had an improper relationship. The judge rejected the argument The sentence, the judgment should be compensated 100,000 yuan, and can be appealed.

The judgment of the Taichung Summary Tribunal of the Taichung District Court pointed out that on July 1 last year, the original spouse returned to the residence to "catch rape" (commonly known as catching monkeys) on July 1 last year. The picture shows that the original partner lifted the quilt at that time, and Xu Nu hid in the quilt with her head resting on Mrs. A's body. swim and sing.

Ms. Xu replied that her original partner had already moved out and separated from her husband. She met her husband through a friend's introduction in 2020. The two sides had known each other for a short time and had never dated. She didn't know that her husband was married, and she had never I have seen my original wife, and I have never seen my original wife's items at the husband's residence.

As for the video footage, Ms. Xu said that she had dinner with her husband and friends and drank too much. The friend entrusted her husband to take her home safely. The husband temporarily put her on the bed. She was wearing shorts, not disheveled. Quan, in addition, went out to sing with her husband that day, Xu Nu did not reply.

The judge held that the evidence presented by the original partner included that Xu and her husband went in and out of the community building hand in hand, hugged in the elevator, and had dinner together. The younger sister of the original wife also testified that on the day of the rape, Xu asked her husband, "Have you been trying to save your wife, have you not divorced yet?" This shows that Xu knew that her husband was married and should pay 100,000 yuan in compensation , may appeal.