Bogotá starts pilot of sustainable mobility with hydrogen in public buses

A pilot test to implement mobility with hydrogen in public transport started in Bogotá

with the aim of carrying out zero carbon programs, digital media publish today.

For this process they have a service station and a bus for 50 passengers, which is expected to reduce 1,083 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during its duration.

Through these initiatives we will materialize the just energy transition, highlighted the Minister of Mines and Energy

, Irene Vélez, who pointed out that this bus will not be the only one that will roll through the streets of the city since they work so that other public service vehicles use this clean energy .

For it to work, the photovoltaic solar recharging system will ensure that the hydrogen generated to power the bus is 100 percent green.

For her part, the mayoress of Bogotá, Claudia López, stated that

the electric yard will not only be the largest in Latin America but also the first in Colombia with the capacity to charge a hydrogen bus for the city and the entire country.

The equipment, which has a fuel cell and a battery, will transport more than 98,500 passengers a year and will consume hydrogen to generate electricity, which will allow it to reach a range of more than 450 kilometers with a single recharge per day and one maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, details the specialists.

(Taken from Latin Press)