The Taiwan Youth Rights and Welfare Promotion Alliance held a press conference on the 28th, "Punishment is not a reason for child abuse, and the Taiwan Youth League calls for preventing children from being exposed to the risk of violence."

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/Taipei Report] Article 1085 of the Civil Law of our country stipulates that "parents may discipline their children within the necessary scope". In the future, whether it is physical punishment or psychological humiliation, it may be regarded as illegal. Taiwan Juvenile Rights and Welfare Promotion Alliance (Taiwan Youth League), Taiwan Children's Rights Alliance (Taiwan Children's Rights Alliance) and other militia groups held a press conference today. Expressed support for the Ministry of Justice's draft law revision, and called on the government to strengthen relevant supporting measures after the law revision, including providing resources for parents to learn how to strengthen parent-child communication and parenting skills.

Lin Yueqin, chairman of the Taiwan Youth League and Children's Rights League, said that there are currently more than 60 countries in the world, including Japan and South Korea, which "do not fight or fail". Taiwan should also take the lead. The Ministry of Justice The positive response to the draft amendment shows that the government attaches great importance to this issue, which is worthy of recognition. We hope that this amendment will help reduce child abuse in the name of discipline.

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Regarding the outside world's doubts about how to discipline children after the amendment of the law, Lin Yueqin said that the current plight of parents is mainly "lack of parental education knowledge". In addition, it also provides teaching materials related to parenting education on the official website of the ministry, such as reference materials including parenting skills, prevention of deviation, etc. content, and put forward more practical parenting cases as a reference for parents.

Huang Congzhi, chairman of the Taiwan Parents Education Alliance, said that he has 4 children. He once sat on the sofa when he got home because of "hands-on", and the children immediately sat two steps away from him. Children are not the property of their parents, they are independent individuals, not exclusive to their parents, the law is the lowest moral standard, taking away punishment is a change of concept, to declare to the society that they reject violence, and there should also be in-depth discussions on parenting education, Clearly put forward the policy direction as supporting.

Min Boling, chairman of the Taiwan Parent-Child Education Promotion Association, pointed out that many parents would share that they did not want to beat and scold their children at first, but when the surrounding atmosphere is not friendly to children, or parents are asked to punish their children, it will bring great harm to parents. pressure, worrying that they are not fulfilling their responsibilities.

Sometimes parents choose to beat and scold their children to take care of their uneasy hearts.

If the amendment is passed, through government announcements and social advocacy, it will also help to promote a child-friendly and parent-child atmosphere and culture, so that parents will feel relatively relaxed and reduce the feeling of loneliness on the way of raising children, which will help increase the chances of childbearing will.

Shen Peiling, executive member of the Xiaomin Political Obasan Alliance, said that statistics show that parents generally do not want to hurt their children, but they just don’t know what else to do besides beating and scolding. At this time, the universally accessible knowledge and ability training should be strengthened immediately. Parents Urgently need to see the package, and call on the ministries and local governments to coordinate with the central government as soon as possible to launch.