"Lawyer Tam" Chaengwoon challenged to swear that it would be possible if receiving money to collapse "Chuwit" insisted on posting because he wanted the public to know the facts.

Ready to open the source of the receipt for the press conference fee of 3 hundred thousand, actually accepting the charge, but not every case

Indicated as a defense fee if sued in the future

Blame subordinates for using the wrong words

After this, the team will use more accurate words, on the side of "Chuvit" go to court with "Attorney Ananchai" hitting the other party using the media as a tool.

use a press release

not the way of a lawyer

Tell me to continue to win tomorrow. Who will the 6 million money be given to?

"Attorney Ananchai" taught the youngsters to tell them to argue in court.

not on social media

Advise the client from now on to stop chatting.

Alluded to sue for 100 million per time. "Genius" joins the battle to reveal

Claim the Crime Suppression Division against 2 General Puek "Inspector Sua" carrying 6 million baht for Sia Ang for money laundering

In the case of Lawyer Tam or Mr. Sitra Bianbangkerd, Secretary General of the People's Advocacy Team Foundation

Open the battle to reveal the behavior of Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a former politician who received 6 million baht from "Inspector Sua" or Pol. maintenance dispatch office

But behind the entanglement of a large online gambling website, there are 2 generals of the police who bring it to them.

hope it stops unfolding

But Mr. Chuwit instead donated the money to 2 hospitals until both hospitals had to return the money because it was believed to be illegal.

While Mr. Chuwit countered, posted a picture of the receipt for a press conference of 300,000 baht, signed by Lawyer Tam.

There were comments from both sides until both Mr. Chuvit and Mr. Sitra made another press conference.

"Chuwit-Ananchai" made a statement against "Lawyer Tam"

On the morning of March 27 at the Criminal Court on Ratchadaphisek Road

The court scheduled the 2nd preliminary hearing on the case at Tontrakul Company.

and Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, a famous former politician

The plaintiff sued Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, former deputy superintendent of the Special Branch police.

Charged with making a false statement concerning a crime that did not commit an offense, creating false evidence

and libel by advertising

Claim damages of 100 million baht in the case of allegations

at The Davis Hotel

Conner Wing, Soi Sukhumvit 24, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, of Mr. Chuvit's son

It is a gathering place for tourists to take drugs.

False evidence was produced. Mr. Chuwit accompanied Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej, a lawyer.

Threatened to sue 100 million each time

Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej, Mr. Chuvit's lawyer

who arrived before stating

Today, I would like to talk about the laws in the Criminal Code Sections 326, 328, the 1985 Lawyers Act, 1986 Lawyers Regulations, and the Money Laundering Act.

Has been compiled to provide opinions to the public to know the real laws that are beneficial to the public.

After this, Mr. Chuwit will not give an interview.

Not Mr. Chuwit afraid

But as a lawyer, I recommend

Because if Mr. Sitra gives an interview that refers to Mr. Chuwit again, he will face criminal charges and demand 100 million baht per time.

"Ananchai" asks to work on the court

Mr. Ananchai said that

Calling for a news conference of 3 hundred thousand baht, it is seen that if the news conference is useful and true

Client receives justice

In his view, he was not wrong.

But claiming to be a lawyer for the people

But it's not right to call people's money.

must be seen on a case-by-case basis

This matter is not brought to attack each other.

Lawyer Sithra and him had no reason to be angry.

only that he is Mr. Chuwit's lawyer

I want to tell you about Mr. Sitra.

The process we work with is in court.

argue in court

not on social media

that allows clients not to speak

not because of fear

But according to his style, he gave an interview once and didn't speak again.

Let's meet in court once.

not speaking daily

His standards will not criticize anyone's case.

not interfere with anyone's work

do not bring personal matters to the public

If it's not a client, he won't give a press conference because it's against lawyer etiquette.

Beating the scene, starting from shooting the money bag

Lawyer Mr. Chuwit said that

Today, I would like to announce 3 issues: 1. about the offense of defamation

According to the Criminal Code, Section 326,328, during Mr. Chuvit's exposure


Then someone came to give a press conference without any interest.

Not an eyewitness in court. If it's not an eyewitness testimony, the court won't listen.

Except the evidence of the surrounding environment is consistent.

But going to accuse Mr. Chuvit and his son to get money

It's a personal matter, the more true, the more wrong, like the story of taking a bag.

Because he had put it in the blackmail, it was the beginning of the scene that if one day Mr. Chuwit refused to be revealed

But receiving 6 million or 10 million, is there any evidence?

call it not

There was only a photo of the money bag before.

Warn both "Tam" and warn the police.

Mr. Ananchai mentioned the second story about lawyer etiquette.

The fact that Mr. Sitra is a person with a lawyer profession has misrepresented facts.

The regulations of the Lawyers Council stating that acts instigating a lawsuit without the highest penalty must be removed from the Lawyers register.

And next, Mr. Chuwit will have to go to the Lawyers Council.

All of us lawyers feel that this kind of action is wrong.

would be unethical

The last story, I want to tell the spokesman of the Royal Thai Police and the AMLO that came out stating that it was randomly laundering money. I want to say that Mr. Chuwit is not like the blue dragon.

that at that time he was a lawyer

And gave an interview to sue back from the police to the Minister of Digital, including 14 people, but the client did not sue him, so he lost his dog.

But for Mr. Chuwit, it's not.

If he told Mr. Chuwit to sue after Section 157 and 200, he should say that he had to collect evidence first.

not random

You're a cop, don't play with them.

Mr. Chuvit is serious.

and you will be in trouble

"Chuvit", unknown source – not guilty of money laundering

The lawyer with that name said that the Anti-Money Laundering Act has criminal penalties.

It must be done with the intention of knowing that the money or property was obtained from the predicate offense.

Must receive transfer, hide and conceal the source

Or know that it is the property related to the offense under Section 5, but the facts of this case

Mr. Chuwit did not know.

And there is no reason to know because the property is the money obtained from gambling

and violated the law or not

But Mr. Chuwit did not know and took it to make merit.

The part that says why you don't tell the hospital that it's Inspector Sua's money.

How can I go about telling you this?

Because it's an internal matter that doesn't sue you, doesn't sell friends, business is like this, he's a white person.

Mr. Chuwit, the gray man, understands better.

but what is said

is that Mr. Chuwit lacks intent

But the opposite is Mr. Sithra who accepts that he will go to inform the case and go to the AMLO.

It shows that Mr. Sitra admitted that the money was the property that came from the offense.

and the person who sent the money is the person who completes the offence.

with the news that Mr. Genius

Going to inform the prosecution is considered correct.

"Chuvit" to win 6 million baht. Who will you give?

Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit revealed that using the media as a tool

When having a career as a lawyer, you have to use the law.

When someone is in trouble for his money, if he charges him at the press conference 300,000 baht, there is no plaintiff, no defendant.

You don't have evidence, does that mean you're one-sided?

I don't think lawyers will charge for press conferences.

The Lawyers Council or the media should consider

In addition, being a lawyer requires skill.

Must use evidence, use witnesses, but it appears that the other party uses press conferences.

That's not the lawyer's way.

In particular, he said himself to be a public attorney.

As for the donation of 6 million baht that the hospital returned

I want you to follow up on who will bring it to tomorrow.

Now there is a process of trying to silence oneself.

There are lawyers, light-hungry people, complaints, whoever comes to sue, will sue back, will fight in the law.

ready to fight every way

Time to fight will not be the same.

Tell the dog to stealthily bite

Ready to bite back, declare "I'm not afraid of you"

"Lawyer Tam" sets up a table to counter 300,000 receipts

Later at 10:00 a.m. at the office of SITTRA LAW FIRM BANGKOK, 24th floor, Empire Tower, Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or Attorney Tam made a counter press conference and revealed evidence in the case of Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit, a former politician.

The Facebook post is a picture of a 300,000 baht receipt in the name of Mr Sitra's company.

Specified as press release fee

and accused Mr. Sitra of being an agent of an online gambling website

among the mass media

Long story, starting point "Sitra Law Firm"

Mr. Sitra revealed that in 47 years after graduating with a barrister and becoming a lawyer, he gave advice and educated the public on legal teaching to students without charge.

has helped a family have been praised

"As a lawyer for the people" before being used to make shirts

and set up a foundation to give advice and lecture on legal matters

Until becoming famous from the 30 million baht lottery case and the case of Uncle Phon Chaiphon Wipha, which became a turning point, causing no work at all for 6 months until the family suffered

Before changing the concept, turning to do business, opening the company Sitra Law Firm 1 year ago, there were thousands of lawsuits.

Granted, there is actually billing, but not in every case.

Mr. Sitra said that there was a lawsuit that actually charged money.

But not all cases

Unless it's a case that you have to fight with an influential person.

The client must have the ability to pay.

and he will surely be prosecuted.

The money will go to everyone who will be sued, not just themselves.

For example, a former deputy prime minister's family conflict case, another case that charges money

is the case of Brother Chochat Tochuwong, 3 hundred thousand baht until being sued, having to travel to Nakhon Phanom Province, so the press conference fee is charged.

and follow-up

made in the form of a quotation

Explain the source of the original receipt

Lawyer Tam continued:

Such a picture that Mr. Chuwit

Posted as an event on February 17, there was Mr. Ti, who was involved in gambling websites, came to consult.

There is a relative who presses his own phone to transfer 40 million baht to a gambling website.

wants him to follow up with the Technology Crime Investigation Bureau (BAC), but the matter is related to the chief police officer

call for litigation

and collect an additional 15 percent, but this has not been agreed

The victim went to see a lawyer Decha.

Kittiwitthayanon instead made the quotation become the source of this unfolding.

As for other cases that do not collect money, such as the case of Nong Pors Yes Indeed, who violated the record label's contract

He was sued but did not collect money.

Specify the price of the case consultation fee.

Mr. Sitra also admitted that he was asking for expensive money because everyone knew that he was serious and pursued the case to the end.

When the client comes to rely on

If you get sued, you have to get hit together, it's your motto.

Normally charge for telephone consultation with the team, 20 minutes, price 1,000 baht, consult with yourself 1,500 baht, if you come to see yourself at the office, 30 minutes, 3,000 baht, confirming that it is transparent.

Check the financial path.

pay taxes correctly

not guilty of lawyer etiquette

Because asking for money is normal.

because he also knew that a female lawyer had collected 300,000 baht for television appearances, confirming that he did not receive the money from the unfolding of Mr. Chuvit's story, receiving 6 million baht, only knowing the information

Post to let the public know

"Press release fee" booing subordinates for using the wrong word

Mr Sitra said that

As for the cost of press releases

need to change words

because the subordinate used the wrong word

Wording must be changed from press conference fees to follow-up costs and money for litigation.

confirm that they are not deceiving the media

Don't be afraid that the media won't present the news to you.

In the past, I have told clients that I will be responsible for all of them.

do not let the child suffer

therefore never informed the media before

After this, when notifying the news, it will also specify which case received the money or not.

In the past, there were both poor and rich people who came to consult but didn't collect all the money.

Get a lifestyle change because you have a status.

Mr. Sitra continued that

As for changing their appearance and taste in their own lives

because it has more status

who said that since the opening of the law firm, about 1,500 cases have come in, but less than 10% of cases have been handled, they will choose only cases that must be won.

Raising money for wife and children

Family has a good life

It's money earned by honesty.

Families will travel abroad sometimes, it's their right.

admitted that the client used to give gifts other than money

into a brand-name shirt, priced at 20,000 baht

beat 2 generals 1 Mr. Bondi Chuwit

Mr. Sitra also revealed the case of exposing Mr. Chuwit.

Receive money from online gambling websites from Inspector Sua

Mr. Chuvit is close to two former police officers who have retired.

There was one officer who used to be the provincial commander of Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

The other one used to be deputy secretary-general of the AMLO, well known for working on the case of Pol Colonel Thitisan Uttanapol or Superintendent Jo, former superintendent of Muang Nakhon Sawan Police Station.

And also intimate with Inspector Sua, the type that can go anywhere

This former policeman brought inspector Sua money to give to Mr. Chuwit.

To silence the unfolding of La Lisa's self-massage parlor that day, in addition to the 2 police officers, there was also a casino owner in the Rama 3 area where a policeman was shot dead 2 years ago.

"Sua" to connect the terminals to bring money

Lawyer Tam further said that it is believed that these two former police officers had permission from Inspector Sua to bring the money to Mr. Chuwit.

by the picture of the aforementioned money bag

Resend the work to the owner of the money

The leader wants to show that

money in hand

and should not be able to do anything

Because it is a risky matter, it seems that if the matter is brought to the agency that used to belong to the two former police officers

The inspection would not happen.

But now we are preparing to make matters for the relevant agencies to check tomorrow.

Confirmed that the intent was revealed.

Because I want to make the deputy secretary

AMLO can be released from government service.

And will allow the Central Investigation Police (BorChorKor.Kor.) to investigate the digital currency finance path of more than 50 million baht transferred to Mr. Chuvit's son

He is ready to give information by himself.

swear to be possible if accepting the job

Lawyer Tam said

Confirmed that he did not know or was related to Inspector Sua.

Before posting pictures of making merit and cursing those involved

because I don't mess with these people

Ready to swear if they receive money from any party to attack Mr. Chuwit

I wish myself to collapse and

have a chance. As for the political party that Mr. Chuwit attacked, he also sued himself.

Confirm that it is not involved in political matters.

But the reason why the story was revealed in this way was not to talk to Mr. Chuwit first.

considered that if the evidence

Going to sit and talk directly, Mr. Chuvit would not accept.

I just want to accept what I do.

I'm not angry.

It is advised that if no agency accepts such gray donations.

asked to return it to the two former policemen who brought it

Wo...never lost a defamation case

Mr Sitra said that

The issue was sued for defamation.

Ready to claim damages of 100 million baht per case, all 20 cases are ready to prove according to the legal process.

If you lose the case, you have to file for bankruptcy because you don't have that kind of money.

Will try to raise money to fight if losing the case

But the court would have mercy, would not have to pay 100 million, 30-40 million is still enough Personally, I respect lawyer Ananchai Chaiyadet as a senior.

There was no concern because he had never lost a defamation case.

Watch "Intelligent" report 2 Big Sq.

Lawyer Tam continued:

As for Mr. Genius

Ruang Rattanaphong will report 2 former police officers, commend him for being brave enough to reveal information and thank you, maybe once or for the last time.

Because in the past, he had never accepted the work of Mr. Genius.

Because there was a lawsuit against each other

In the case of the Inspector General calling to give information about General Mon related to Inspector Sua

In the past, the committee tried to avoid

While he was ready all the time

until today still unable to clarify

Recently, Mr. Sitra made a phone call while the press was interviewing.

to show sincerity as well

"Intelligent" joined the Jang Por.

The time when Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit and Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd were opening the battle of Sao Sai Sai, at 10.45 on March 27, at the Central Investigation Bureau's Complaints Center (Bor Chor.Kor.) Mr.Achariya Ruangratanapong

The President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club met with Pol.Lt.Col. online to give Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit 6 million baht for the offense under

Anti-Money Laundering Act B.E. 2542

Investigate 6 million baht to get rid of "Chuwit"

Mr. Intelligent said

come to the Crime Suppression Division

The owner of the case filed against Inspector Sua, seized 6 million baht to investigate Mr. Chuwit.

On money laundering In addition, from the investigation, it was found that the money from the gambling website was transferred to the wife's account.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Alleged several million baht

I would like to leave these 2 generals that they know the person in the picture that they show or not.

The person in the picture is Mr. Kan.

In front of the mat who keeps clearing matters for Mr. Tanthai

There is also information that he is a person who frequently visits Mr. Chuwit.

As for the case where Mr. Chuwit said he received 6 million baht on February 3, as explained to the press.

I don't believe it's such a day.

Because on February 5-9, Mr. Chuwit went live and attacked the massage parlor of Mr. Pao, Lanbuntham and Inspector Sua until he was discharged from government service. G.

Another elephant who took Mr. Tanthai to Mr. Chuwit and had a famous police officer.

Under the Technology Crime Investigation Division 5, waiting to clear gambling sites in the north.

Threatening General "Aj." Do not resign and escape wrongdoing

Then, at 2:30 p.m., Mr. Achariya went to Thonglor Police Station to report a complaint to examine the photos that Lawyer Sitra Biabangkerd posted on Facebook.

whether the incident happened at The Davis Hotel or not, and how, because Mr. Chuvit and Mr. Sitra spoke differently

Including prosecuting the person in the picture as well

want investigators

Verify the facts that

What date was this photo taken?

How much money did you bring?

Is it really Inspector Sua's money?

confirm neutral

not siding with anyone

Let it be the duty of the police to inspect.

because the accusation is not true

can sue

How much damages can be claimed?

to fight in court

And there are many more secret pictures of Pol.Lt. Gen. Abbreviated Aor.

would not dare to report

I'm afraid but I won't dare to sue.

Don't quit to escape guilt.

"Chatchat" specified that "Chuwit Garden" is still privately owned.

On the other side, at the Bangkok City Hall, Mr. Chatchart Sittipunt, Bangkok Governor, said in the case of Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Defense of the Thai Constitution, submitting a letter asking to investigate "Suan Chuwit" of Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisi. of the clarity in raising the land into the public domain that

received a preliminary report

The documented information from the BMA on such land title deeds is not yet public.

It's also a private land.

Land tax is paid continuously according to the law.

In the past, tax was paid in total of 3,000,000 baht while raising the land to the public.

Understand that it happened in the process of the Supreme Court, Bangkok has no information, assigns the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok to make a letter requesting a copy of a judgment or testimony in the Supreme Court.

that there are legal guidelines

must go into detail clearly

For the land of Chuwit Garden under construction

There is no law ordering to stop construction.

There are only books from the Department of Public Works (SorPor Yor Yor.

) Notify the landowner, warning of the dispute that has arisen.

If the construction is going to cause problems later

Do so at your own risk and responsibility.

In this regard, fairness must be given to all parties.