Cheapest Fiber plan

New Delhi:

There is so much competition in the telecom market that companies have to check their plans from time to time and change them as per the requirement.

The situation has come to such a level that even if there is a big event, companies have to take these steps to attract customers.

Now in view of IPL 2023, Reliance Jio has introduced a new plan.

Under this plan, Jio has announced to provide fiber broadband internet connection to the customers at a cost of just Rs 198 per month.

The company told that the new plan is starting from 30 March.

The company has called this plan Jio Fiber Backup Plan.

Unlimited internet is being given in this plan. 

According to the company, the fiber backup plan of Jio Fiber is Rs 198 a month.

There are 3 features of this plan of Jio.

Unlimited data will be given to the connection holder at a speed of 10 Mbps.

Along with this, if the consumer does not like the speed of 10 Mbps, then he can change the speed to 30 Mbps or 100 Mbps. 

Apart from this, free landline calls have also been offered to the connection holders.

To take this plan, Rs 1,490 will have to be paid.

In Rs 1490, Rs 990 is the service charge for 5 months, while Rs 500 is the installation charge.

Along with this, if there is a decrease in 10 Mbps speed, it can be changed to 30 or 100 Mbps speed, but for that additional charges will be payable. 

There is another strong offer in this plan.

In the Jio Fiber backup plan of Rs 198, if the customer is ready to pay Rs 100 more i.e. Rs 298 a month, then Jio will also install a free set top box.

In this plan, more than 400 live TV channels will be seen and programs of 6 OTT apps can also be seen. 

According to the information given by Jio, a missed call can be given on 60008 60008 to get a new connection, after which the company will be contacted.

Apart from this, booking can also be done by visiting site.

Along with this, the connection can be processed by visiting the nearest Jio outlet.