Bulgaria will probably sell a large amount of ammunition to Ukraine, however, through intermediaries. 

This was stated by former Minister of Defense Boyko Noev in an interview with bTV.

According to him, Bulgaria, which refuses direct military aid to Kyiv, will help Ukraine in another way.

Earlier it became known that the interim government decided to hand over old ammunition worth about 350 million Bulgarian levs (about 180 million euros) to the state military plant "VMZ-Sopot".

In particular, such a scheme is explained by the need to renew ammunition.

Naev says this is "the biggest rearmament of Bulgaria's ground forces in recent history."

Also, according to him, hundreds of thousands of ammunition will be sold to the Armed Forces through intermediaries to Ukraine. 

"Old Bulgarian weapons are most likely going to Ukraine. They will probably be sold through intermediaries," Noev said.

The day before, the president of the country, Rumen Radev, said that Bulgaria will not participate in the joint ordering of ammunition for Ukraine within the framework of the European countries' project to purchase 1 million shells.

Despite this, the Romanian leader's statement contradicts the government's position on aid to Ukraine.

"I am not sure if he was accurate in this case. He is not a monarch and has no authority to express the sovereignty of the state. Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic and the sovereign is the National Assembly. From this point of view, the Council of Ministers says that the Parliament should continue to use all measures for further military and military-technical support of Ukraine," he added.

We would like to remind you that 


 will not hand over all MiG-29 fighter jets that are in its service to Ukraine, and will do so in stages.

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