to the point that it must be classified as

"National Agenda" of the "Mr. Dubai" team, it is said that according to the symptoms that the father like "Thaksin Shinawatra" had to invest in, put up a sign on the wall as clear evidence.

Chorus with "Sia Uan" Phumtham Wechayachai, the leader of the procession "Knight Warrior, Air Conditioning Room", extinguishing the trend of cross-polar games, deals across camps.

According to his broken heart, “Big Boss” uses strong words like that.

The Pheu Thai Party is not stupid.

The chair of the Prime Minister gave "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, head of Pracharat Palang Camp.

Organize a style to ridicule each other stingingly. Don't secretly daydream.

But that doesn't know how effective it will be.

Can you bring back those who have believed?

Because we see each other that

It's a forced fight to play according to the role of "Thaksin" Take Action Show, cut Luk Nua, remove the current entanglement with

"Big Brother"

that became a traction knot for the land slide

make the support in two minds

The rhythm is flowing into the squares that intercept

"Kid next door" keeps spooning points

with a sharp spear that Mr. Anon Nampha, the leader of the people's mob

Deliberately pretending to intimidate "Big Boss", asked a question to "Thaksin", would he shake hands with "Prawit" and not ask the Red Shirts first?

Obviously, it's a square. The goal is to "pierce the tire" to be slanted.

The New Generation Children's Alliance, Hello, goes to the camp, not far enough.

Still leading the red shirt people's hands to parade along

And by the picture of the game that is obvious

Even the take-action show confirms the soundproof.

The Progressive Party coalition still didn't believe in the "big boss" potion.

Well, the mood that Mr. Somsak Jeamteerasakul, a former lecturer at the Faculty of Liberal Arts

Thammasat University

"spiritual leader" of the new generation

asylum in France

Immediately open the operation "back throat"

“If Thaksin is really going to answer or explain the fort, first of all he must not start with lying.”

Mr. Somsak's suffering

Is to quote the message that "Thaksin" replied to Mr. Wirat Ratanaset, leader of the Pracharat Palang Camp

Focus on the first point.

“I have no power in the Pheu Thai Party.”

"Spiritual leader", a new generation of young mobs smashed the table saying that the statement of "Mr. Dubai" was not valid and had to be rewritten.

If the first verse is already lying

How can you believe in the next issue?

“Break your face” like a know-it-all person

"Somsak Jiam - Attorney Anon" stimulates the emotions of the new generation of young people.

Including the red shirts who are interested in democracy.

To focus on the flag of the far-flung party than the Pheu Thai Party, do not trust the "big boss" with brilliant fangs.

Ching reads official tactics, claiming that democracy has hidden interests in the game of political power.

The “Career Voters” form emphasizes personal and family interests before ideology.

Finally finished

"Thai politics" nothing is impossible.

The story of the whole team, "Mr. Dubai" and the network "Mr. Thai Summit", the support of "Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit" with the parade

"Thaksin Shinawatra" each side knows in their hearts.

If the power game was as simple as mathematics, single class equations.

with the flow seen in front of him

standard polls

recruitment polls

The numbers came out all the same.

Pheu Thai Party takes a stand

Followed by a far-flung camp

ranked second

Just these 2 camps, the numbers surpassed the tag team and set up a government with ease.

But why is the simple matter not the final answer?

That's because the problem of Thailand's power situation is more difficult than solving 3-4 stacked equations, isn't it?

land slide collapse

Win the election, there is still no guarantee that the government has been organized.

because it is still stuck at the Arahant checkpoint "250 senators dragged up" which must hold a visa to pass

"Security Gate"

Let's just say, according to the natural form of Thai politics, who is the most prominent?

Today it's clear that

An annoyed stream aimed at "Big Fort", heavier than anyone else

in the mood of an old soldier

"Like a bad guy", but dressed better than his friends. In the PPP camp, there was a tight force, both for controlling the election game and the hand team.

Career management, outside the party, capture the tag team Pride Thai

Hand in hand to tie boiled rice in advance.

Not ranked in the "Prime Minister Poll", but in the "Favorite" dart, the actual field according to the situation

"Big Pom" roasted 2 faces of cards in a smart way, not waiting for someone stupid to lift the chair for them.

political news team