Guo Zhenhui (second from the right) named Lai Huiyuan for his proposal to relax Bobo dentists, and called for the delisting of self-fat legislators to protect medical quality and local medical rights.

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The "Bobo Dentist" controversy continues to rage. Guo Zhenhui, the former director of tourism and tourism in Tainan City, who participated in the primary election of the DPP's first constituency in Tainan City, named Lai Huiyuan, a party legislator in the constituency today (28) , did not evade interests, the proposal was self-enriching, and even affected last year's election, severely damaged the image of the DPP, and called on the Party Central Committee to deal with it. "This kind of self-enriching legislator must be removed."

In this regard, Lai Hui responded that she deeply regrets Guo Zhenhui's attack; but the bills and accompanying resolutions passed by the Legislative Yuan are a collegial system and cannot be decided by one person. As for the follow-up internship issue, she has never commented, and fully respects the professionalism of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Opinions and administrative actions.

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The Legislative Yuan passed the third reading in May last year to amend some articles of the "Doctor Law", stipulating that all holders of foreign medical and dental degrees must first pass the academic examination before returning to Taiwan for internship and examination for a doctor's license. Foreign medical and dental graduates who went abroad before the law was amended and did not need to take the academic qualification examination returned to Taiwan to work as doctors (commonly known as "Bobo Dentist"), which triggered a strong backlash from grassroots doctors, teachers and students. The Legislative Yuan decided to suspend the implementation. The number of internships in Zhenchang will remain unchanged, and the attached resolution will not be implemented, and the dispute will be suspended.

Guo Zhenhui held a press conference today and pointed out that during Su Zhenchang's cabinet, Lai Huiyuan, the "Bo Ma legislator", suspected that because her daughter had the status of a Polish dentist, she "had no interest to evade". Backlash, although Su Zhenchang has shelved the case, and Chen Shizhong, the former Minister of Weifu, also strongly opposed it, the proposal still affects the election of Taipei mayor and severely damages the image of the DPP.

Guo Zhenhui said that recently it has been reported that some legislators of the ruling party and agency operators have lobbied the Ministry of Health and Welfare in an attempt to sneak into Chen Cang and escort the privileged children through the back door. At present, these agency operators cannot be controlled. This is an urgent issue that urgently needs to be improved. For the sake of fairness Justice and the right to work for local medical personnel, she is willing to be the politician who fired the first shot in the green camp, she must remove this kind of self-favoring legislator, and at the same time ask the Party Central Committee to deal with this kind of self-favoring party office, otherwise such Controversy will only keep playing out.

Wu Xindai, chairman of the Party Committee of Taiwan Foundation Taipei City, a doctor, said through the video that the additional resolutions attached after the amendment will lower the threshold for Dr. The quality has also lost its credit guarantee; and the initial revision of the law may allow thousands of overseas dental students to pass, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of dentists. At that time, "bad money chasing good money" will cause a serious decline in the quality of Taiwan's medical care.

Dr. Huang Yingqi, the convener of the Local Small Dental Association who attended the meeting, said that the revision of the "Physician Law" last year had made the medical community look forward to it, and hoped that the new law would make up for the old deficiencies. "Fudged through, and after careful study, it turned out that one of the proposers was Lai Hui, a "bomma legislator". People envied "it's nice to have a mother".

She questioned, DPP chairman Lai Qingde is a doctor from grass roots, what do you think about the abuse of privileges in the party?

As a professional doctor, can he really accept Lai Huiyuan's claim?

Dr. Ma, a local small dentist alliance, appealed that the medical profession has always been the most solid ally of the DPP. Now, because of Lai Huiyuan's self-interest, the DPP wants to stand on the opposite side of the medical profession. Is this what the DPP likes to see?

Ms. Zhang, a representative of parents of dentist students, said that what parents want is very simple, to protect the most basic fairness and justice for their children, and Taiwan's rich and powerful should not be allowed to go through the back door.