Vehicles that fail to yield to pedestrians will be punished more severely, and the new system will be implemented from March 31.

(Provided by Tainan City Transportation Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the Ministry of Communications has amended the "Unified Penalty Standards and Handling Rules for Violations of Road Traffic Management Incidents" to increase the penalties for car drivers who do not follow the regulations to suspend pedestrians to pass first. Nanshi Transportation Bureau reminds Attention the public, the new system came into effect on March 31 this year, and the penalties for stopping at non-signalized intersections were also amended this time.

The Nanshi Transportation Bureau stated that the focus of this revision includes pedestrian safety and unsigned intersection safety. In the part of improving pedestrian safety, in order to improve pedestrian accidents, drivers are indeed suspended to let pedestrians pass first, so as to protect pedestrians and vulnerable passers-by. , thus increasing the penalty amount for related violations.

If a car passes through a pedestrian crossing without suspending to allow pedestrians to pass first, and does not suspend to allow pedestrians to pass first when turning (except for the section where pedestrians are not allowed to cross), the current penalty of 2,000 yuan for small cars and 2,800 yuan for large vehicles will be increased to 3,600 yuan. (Locomotives remain at 1,200 yuan). If people with visual impairments who carry white canes or guide dogs are not suspended, the penalty for small vehicles will be increased from 3,600 yuan to 4,800 yuan, and for large vehicles from 4,500 yuan to 7,200 yuan. Maintain 2400 yuan).

The Bureau of Transportation stated that in improving the safety of non-signatured intersections, vehicles on branch lanes will not give way to vehicles on main lanes; vehicles on fewer lanes will not give way to vehicles on multi-lane lanes; when the number of lanes is the same, vehicles on the left will not give way to vehicles on the right If you go ahead; or pass through unsigned intersections and roadways without following the regulations or signs and markings, the current penalty will be increased from 600 yuan to 1,200 yuan for locomotives, 1,500 yuan for small vehicles, and 1,800 yuan for large vehicles.

In addition, if the driver fails to stop at the flashing red light and then drives again, the current penalty of 900 yuan will be increased to 1,200 yuan for locomotives, 1,500 yuan for small vehicles, and 1,800 yuan for large vehicles.

Starting from March 31 this year, cars passing through intersections will be punished more severely if they fail to give way to pedestrians.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)