The construction of the Xindian MRT line in Taipei caused workers to suffer from diver's disease. The High Court reversed the judgment that the contractor must compensate 8 workers with 350,000 yuan each.

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[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] During the construction of the Xindian Line of the Taipei MRT in the early years, more than 40 workers suffered from diver's disease due to the use of air compression methods but not according to the law; Wang Wei, deputy director of the Taipei MRT Engineering Bureau, said that Sometimes tunnel excavation or site improvement is carried out in transportation projects. Because the depth of underground excavation is quite deep and there is groundwater, it is not convenient for construction. Injury to the workers, therefore, the compressed air method is no longer used in the MRT project.

Wang Wei said that there are already several construction methods in engineering technology that can replace the compressed air construction method, such as pouring cement to turn water into a solid, or using freezing technology to turn water into ice, making water non-existent through technology, and even many subways now The shield machine is used for tunnel excavation, and the compressed air method is no longer necessary, and it can also avoid physical injury to the construction personnel.