Thaksin Shinawatra

's interview with the foreign media

is a sensational news that the media has put questions into the mouths of almost every leading politician.

because of the point

Thaksin's return home on this trip offers clearer conditions than ever.

Is accepting to return to accept legal punishment. In the villagers' language, is agreeing to go back to prison. If you look at the

cases that Thaksin

has been prosecuted in the past, there are 4-5 cases out of a total of 8 cases. 4 cases have already been sentenced, including imprisonment. 12 years, including the case of lottery on land,

lending to Exim Bank

Nominees hold shares in Shin Corp.

and purchasing land in Ratchada dismissed 2 cases, that is, Krungthai loaned Kritsada Mahanakorn

TPI business rehabilitation plan

pending in the NACC's valuation, including

the G-to-G rice drainage case

and the case of ordering aircraft of Thai Airways

And all of this, if it is said that it is a political case, it would not be wrong.

The seizure of power from the Thaksin Shinawatra government in 2006 completely seized both Thaksin's assets and freedom.

If it was an ordinary person, it would be difficult to live.

There are many politicians who have escaped from political lawsuits and have never returned and have no desire to return to Thailand, but what


struggled abroad was the freedom he wanted to reclaim.

Probably not what


wanted because he had lived in a foreign country for 16 years, although he could travel anywhere.

But they are no different from political prisoners.

Must use a foreign passport, both being a Thai person and unable to return to Thailand

both Thai people

Born in Thailand

of Thai nationality

have a Thai family

cannot show Thainess

“I've been in a big prison for 16 years because they kept me from being with my family.

Actually, it's not the price that I have to pay, but I'm willing to pay to be with my grandchildren.

I should spend the rest of my life with my children and grandchildren.”

I got many pity points.

Thaksin's famous sentence

Committed to communicating with the world

would have the greatest effect on Thai people

Especially in the face of the chiseled face.

The contest for the masses in the big election on May 14th, bet with

a land slide.

that means

If Thaksin is to return to justice, Thaksin must also be assured of fairness in the judicial process.

If you feel relieved

The Pheu Thai Party must land a slide

, and Pheu Thai must form a government.

will be a coalition government

Or to mix with anyone is another matter.

The most important helper is

The person who can hold the most state power at the moment

Here, it means

Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan,

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Palang Pracharat Party with

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha,

Prime Minister and leaders

of Ruam Thai Sang Nation

, even Pheu Thai can land slides. MPs Come 310 voices as evaluated, not that it can be set up Must use the sound

No less than 66 MPs in the House of Representatives will be the voices of the existing opposition parties, without counting the far-fetched steps, expected to be insufficient, of course, having to rely on senators and MPs from the government.

both up and down

The choice of Pheu Thai is to choose.

Which one of the parties, Bhumjaithai, Democrat, Palang Pracharat, join Thais Sang Chart, move forward, or have to choose two or more parties?

or set up a coalition government to put an end to doubts or end with the dissolution of the party

Know and know how to survive.

iron fist