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Republicans in the Indiana state legislature have approved a bill that would ban all gender reassignment procedures on minors.

They sent the approved bill to the Republican governor of Indiana, the Associated Press reported, citing BTA.

The ban was supported by 65 members of the state parliament, with 30 members voting against it.

The bill prohibits transgender individuals under the age of 18 from being given access to hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

"This is good public policy to protect our children from irreversible, harmful and life-altering procedures," said the bill's sponsor, state Rep. Joanna King, a Republican.

The legislatures of many US states have approved or are debating laws affecting transgender health care and restricting transgender people's access to sports competitions, the Associated Press notes.

Georgia bans gender reassignment of minors

At least nine states have passed legislation restricting or banning some forms of sex-reassignment therapy: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, and South Dakota.

A proposed ban is under consideration by the governor of West Virginia, and federal judges have blocked the laws in Alabama and Arkansas.



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