A woman surnamed Xie was robbed of her purse, and enthusiastic citizens came forward to subdue the suspect.

(Provided by Minxiong Police Station)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] A 47-year-old man surnamed Zhan in Chiayi County was unemployed and drugged. The leather bag was placed in the front basket of the bicycle, and the bag was snatched from behind while he was unaware, and he fled about 500 meters on the bicycle, but was suppressed by an enthusiastic man. The police rushed to the scene and took Zhan Suspect back to the police station. .

According to the police investigation, at noon on March 25th, a leather bag robbery occurred in the market in Pijiao area. After investigation, the 47-year-old man surnamed Zhan was short of money to spend due to drug exposure. The leather bag was placed in the bicycle storage basket, and he snatched the leather bag from behind with evil thoughts.

At the time of the incident, Nv Xie yelled "Catch the thief!" and chased after her on a bicycle. The two sides "chased" for about 500 meters. Zhan turned into an alley to get rid of Nv Xie. Riding into a dead-end alley, Xie Nu caught up and tried to get back her purse. Suspect Zhan resisted and caused a tug of war. An enthusiastic man on the side of the road acted bravely and stepped forward to subdue Suspect Zhan. suspect.

The police confiscated Mrs. Xie's purse and 2,867 yuan in cash from Zhan's body. After police inquiry, they were transferred to the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of robbery.

Hou Zongwen, the investigation team leader of the Minxiong Police Sub-bureau, expressed his gratitude to the enthusiastic public for assisting the police in arresting the suspect.

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The police seized purses, cash and other evidence involved in the case from the suspect.

(Provided by Minxiong Police Station)