30-year-old Chloe Khan from Great Britain spent more than 1 million pounds to look like a Barbie doll.

For this, she even had a painful operation on her genital organ. 

The Daily Star writes about it. 

The woman revealed that she spent more than £1 million on a makeover to look "perfect".

For this, she even performed an operation on her genital organ.

The woman notes that it hurt her a lot. 

"I did a designer vagina inside and out, the outside just to get it right, and I asked her to make it look like a plastic Barbie so it would look perfect. The inside is a lift procedure, after which you have to be perfect underneath. But I remember waking up in a lot of pain. They shove something inside you and then pull it out, I felt like my soul was leaving my body, honestly, it hurt so much," Khloe recalls. 

Photo: The Daily Star

The woman says that she spent a lot of money on plastic surgery, but some had to be redone.

In particular, this happened with the implants of the buttocks, which, in her opinion, were not ideal.

She recommended other girls not to do this and better use fillers. 

It will be recalled that the scandalous singer naked jumped to the fans and spanked a lustful man with a microphone. 

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