89-year-old Gan Shunfa has been raising white rice to help Han'er for 20 consecutive years, and the villagers enthusiastically supported the donation of 7,200 catties.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Zhengmin)

[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report] Gan Shunfa, an 89-year-old villager from Shitan, Miaoli County, usually loves to do good deeds and is praised by his neighbors as a "great benevolent person". , often go around to help repair farming machines for free, and donate white rice to the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Social Welfare Foundation for 20 consecutive years, which is admirable.

Although the population of Shitan Township is aging and the population continues to decrease, the enthusiasm of the villagers remains unchanged and they respond together.

Gan Shunfa runs an agricultural machinery shop on weekdays. Due to the large number of elderly people in Shitan Township, scattered residences, and poor financial resources, he often travels around to repair agricultural machinery for other old farmers in the village for free. Mi, by the way, thank him for his help on weekdays, and let the heart-warming deeds continue.

In the past, Ganshun raised about 4,200 jin of white rice to help the disadvantaged. This year, the villagers actively supported and raised 7,200 jin, enough to support the foundation’s rice supply for more than half a year.

Gan Shunfa himself said modestly, "If you can help others, do what you can."

Gan Shunfa got to know the late founder of the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Social Welfare Foundation, Hu Deqiang, by chance. He learned that the students of the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Social Welfare Foundation need care and help, so he began to donate rice continuously.