The agricultural roads in the Beigang agricultural land rezoning area are old and weeds are growing.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] Many agricultural roads in the rezoning areas of Xizhuang, Chunniupu (East), Beigang Town, Yunlin County, etc. have been seriously damaged due to disrepair for a long time, affecting the safety of villagers. The county government raised 6.05 million The total length of improved roads is 878 meters and the total length of ditches is 290 meters.

Years of disrepair affect access safety

Li Junxing, director of the Lands Office, pointed out that the agricultural land rezoning areas of Xizhuang and Chun Niu Po ​​(East) were rezoned in the 1980s, and the rezoned areas were 1,328 hectares and 1,264 hectares respectively , It has been more than 40 years. The farm road has been in disrepair for a long time, the asphalt road surface is cracked and subsided, the AC pellets are peeled off, and the ditches on both sides are also seriously damaged. , there are three agricultural roads and ditches that need to be improved, about 6.05 million yuan will be raised by the county government for renovation, and construction will start immediately after the survey.

Yunlin County Mayor Zhang Lishan said that the condition of nearby farm roads is also poor and needs to be improved, but due to severe price fluctuations, the cost of the same project has increased by at least 30%, and the government has insufficient funds, so it can only choose roads with poorer conditions and people's needs The higher road sections will be improved first, and if there are other agricultural roads that need to be improved first, the county government will also try its best to find funds for them.

Zhang Lishan further said that in response to the rezoning of agricultural land in the 1960s, the central government subsidized the county government with 253,000 yuan per hectare to renovate agricultural and waterways. The amount has not been adjusted for many years. In the early years, the agricultural road was only paved with gravel for distribution, without asphalt pavement, the road width was insufficient, and the ditches on both sides were not improved at the same time. In order to take into account the livelihood of farmers and the safety of agricultural road traffic, it has been proposed to increase the central subsidy to 40 per hectare From 10,000 to 450,000 yuan, it is hoped that it will be used to improve the old agricultural road that was rezoned a century ago.