Even though it's a small minority.

But it's the loudest in the country, let's take a look at the CEO poll.

Some of the executive levels of large business organizations

as to what kind of leader and political party he will choose to run the country

Made by Krungthep Turakij

Survey of 200 CEOs, large corporations

various groups

including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, real estate, exports, finance, retail, tourism, service sector, digital IT, including startup groups

"The future of Thailand after the election" Who will be Prime Minister?

and political parties that these leading businessmen see as they should be

"Government Leader"

Including economic and social policies that should be solved.

both urgent and long term

Survey from 21-25 Mar.

The CEO poll poured the vote for "Srettha Thavisin" as prime minister, accounting for 24.2%.

2nd place is "Pita Limcharoenrat" 15.2%

3rd place General Prayut Chan-o-cha 14.1%

No. 4 "Paethongtarn Shinawatra" at 11.6%

and 5th place "Korn Chatikavanij" 9.1%

by the options that have been raised to choose from, including General Prawit Wongsuwan, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Khunying Sudarat

Keyuraphan, Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak

Including Mr. Bandoon Lamsam, etc.

while the leading party formed the government

These CEOs

poured the most votes for the Pheu Thai party, 44.3%

Followed by Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (17%), Kao Klai Party (16%), Palang Pracharat Party (5.2%), and Bhumjaithai Party (4.1%).

There is also a question for opinions on

Policies that the new government has to do

CEO group wants

policy to solve economic problems

First, accounted for 82%

Followed by modernization of economic laws, 46.5% solve poverty problems

reducing inequality by 43%, attracting foreign investment by 42.5%, and developing infrastructure such as high-speed trains

Deep Sea Port 37.5%

Subsequent policies such as supporting the digital economy



Accelerate raising farmer's income

Looking at Thailand as a global wellness hub, accelerating policies to deal with geopolitics, including policies to create soft power, reforming Thai education for the better

There is a national digital economy master plan jointly between public and private sectors.

Section Social Policy

The most urgent is

Solve drug problems 71.5% online crime

Online gambling 65.5% PM 2.5 dust problems 61% Cost of living problems 50% Mafia transnational gangs 49.5% Support infrastructure problems

“Vulnerable groups

and the elderly group

While the policy that is considered inappropriate for the current economic situation is

Cancellation of credit bureau blacklists, minimum wage increases, debt moratoriums, cash handout measures, energy cuts, farmer income insurance, and free marijuana.

This is the opinion of the CEOs.

large company

Their views may differ from those of the general public.

because it mainly focuses on driving business

But it also indicates the direction in choosing a political party that will lead the government.

and leaders to manage the country more clearly.

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