The police rushed to separate the two sides and forcefully suppressed the arrest.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] The two factions in Taichung City turned against each other after drinking. This morning, a 10-person brawl broke out on the streets of Beitun. Suddenly, sticks flew together. In the chaos, some people showed their guns at their waists. The police were reported to start a quick fight The troops rushed to the scene, and the police immediately suppressed the two sides to control the scene with their superiority. They seized the fighting equipment on the spot, as well as a modified pistol with 13 rounds of bullets.

After investigation, the 48-year-old man surnamed Liu was originally drinking in a hotel, but suddenly received a call from the 52-year-old Lin Nan, saying that he had a business to discuss, and made an appointment to meet at the intersection of Wenxin Road and Chongde Road in Beitun District. When we met, someone from Mr. Lin's side had a sudden difficulty, saying that Mr. Liu and his friend had previously partnered in a business, but the accounts were not clear. Mr. Liu, who was already drunk, turned his eyes away when he heard it. Three brothers and friends came to help.

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The 6 men on Lin’s side were not to be outdone. The two sides fought each other with knives and sticks in the street, leading to a chaos. During the period, some people showed guns stuck in their waists in an attempt to intimidate. 18 people from the net arrived, separated 10 people from both sides at the scene, forcibly suppressed and arrested them. Three of the injured were sent to the hospital. A riot gun was found in my brother's car.

At the same time, the police checked the surveillance cameras at the surrounding intersections to clarify the circumstances of the case, and sent the seized firearms for forensic inspection. Among them, the modified pistols are lethal, but the riot guns are not. Emphasize that riots on the streets and behaviors that challenge public power will never be allowed. Illegal activities will be wiped out with all our strength, arrested and dealt with quickly, so as to maintain a safe living environment for citizens.

Police seized bullets at the scene.

(provided by the police)