Russian occupier-volunteer Ivan Hrynchak, in correspondence with a Ukrainian, stated that he would love to launch rockets at the residential buildings of Ukrainians and desecrate their graves.

This is reported by the Bee OSINT project.

The occupier started a correspondence with their follower.

The content of the messages is a demonstration of what is really in the minds of the occupiers.

By the way, this rashist works in a cadet school as a teacher of general education.

Ivan Hrynchak is a volunteer occupier from the Sakhalin region of the Russian Federation who went to war in April 2022 and stayed there for 1.5 months.

From October 2022, he is at war again.

By the way, the invader works in a cadet school as a teacher of general education.

Photo: OSINT Bees

During the correspondence, the Ukrainian asked the occupier to comment on the photo of the destroyed Maryinka.

In response, the invader asked for the address of his interlocutor in order to "*ban there with a missile."

To a clarifying question, whether he is really ready to destroy a residential building with a rocket, Grinchak replied that he would definitely launch a rocket into the apartment of his interlocutor.


Subsequently, the occupier simply exploded with a stream of propaganda delusions that the state of Ukraine does not exist, and the occupiers are destroying "Bander residents and policemen", whom their great-grandfathers did not destroy.


"Ukraine is not a country, but a political misunderstanding. We will completely destroy your independence. Our grandfathers did not destroy all Bandera citizens and policemen. We will finish the work they started. Remember, Ukraine as a state never existed. You are part of Russia, we have come to remind you to you, that you are Russians, and you will return to the Russian mire," declared the mad invader.

Later, he stated that he would like to desecrate the graves of Ukrainians and noted that he had little time, because he was going "to kill a few fascists."

We will remind that the losses of the Russians are approaching 172 thousand.

Another 570 soldiers of the Russian Federation were eliminated last day.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that Russia would suffer heavy losses in attempts to encircle Avdiivka.

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